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  • intutivetrendseeker intutivetrendseeker Jun 30, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    July 19 Meeting will reduce Shares

    Notice of Annual Meeting on July 19. On the agenda: To reduce the number of authorized shares of common stock ten-fold......

    C'mon FSBK... Step in it again. It's getting to be quite amusing watching you try and twist every post to a negative. You are a pathological poster

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    • Yes, it looks like they are going to do another r/s but this time it's 10/1.

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      • LOL....I feel sorry for you!

      • Thanks for proving yourself as incompetent in all things stock related:
        Reducing the number of shares is not the same as a reverse split.
        A reverse split lowers the number of shares outstanding. "For example: if a company reverse splits its stock 1-for-2, it means the shareholders must turn in their certificates and receive new certificates evidencing ownership of half the previous number of shares. A shareholder who owns 1,000 shares pre-split will own 500 shares of the post-split stock. The total number of outstanding shares decreases but the total number of authorized shares doesn't change. If the company had 100 million authorized shares and 50 million shares issued and outstanding pre-split, it will have 25 million issued and outstanding shares post-split and 100 million shares authorized. Post-split, the company will have 75 million shares that can be issued in the future if needed to raise capital. Prior to the reverse split, this available number of authorized shares had been 50 million out of the total 100 million authorized"

        Authorized share are the maximum number of shares that a corporation is legally permitted to issue, as specified in its articles of incorporation. This figure is usually listed in the capital accounts section of the balance sheet.
        This number can be changed only by a vote of all the shareholders. Management will typically keep the number of authorized shares higher than those actually issued. This allows the company to sell more shares if it needs to raise additional funds.

        Bottom line: They must not see a need to raise additional funds through a dilution any time soon

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