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  • stroker777us2002 stroker777us2002 Jan 29, 2003 9:50 AM Flag


    this board no one agrees with or respects anything you say!!!We're all tired of your anti Republican rhetoric...just get off unless you want to contribute to HYGS

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    • Germany is close and there is an advantage to "being there" while engaged in Afghanistan and Iraqq at the same time. Covert bases in the desert taking out targets at this moment. Turkey buy-in and acceptance of aid not a good signal though the deal isn't inked yet I don't think. Still could be a bluff. You may not hear that the 101st is going to be deployed.

      A large deployment, dignitaries sent home, fliers in the air all point to war. For investing at this point I am only a short term investor inany stock.

    • Play;

      sorry about that, sometimes we only hear what we want to hear.

    • i saw a small short blip on CNN or MSNBC last week. wish i could find it again or they would expand. seems Osama escaped Afghanistan before we invaded. exactly the scenario i predicted before we invaded. if anyone has news source i would appreciate it. the shift off of Osama to another demon shows how malable the public is -- explains how Hitler did it, IMO. in the end, a bunch of civilians get killed and we accomplish very little but bad blood. if should be willing to engage in a costly Marshall Plan if we destroy countries.

    • Wolf,

      I am hoping that is the game too. Bluffing. The one sign that will show war is imminent is if we send over the 101st airborne division. That is a huge division to move and most of their equipment is in Germany and still sits there. If we go through the trouble of deploying them it will be only a question of when and no longer if.

    • impossible. the cards are on the table and it does not look good. they are already talking about using nukes in Iraq.

    • You must of fell asleep :). He did mention them as developing WMD themselves. Listening to the critics of his speech people are wondering how the chase for Bin Laden is doing. I think that is what the real fear is. After all, Bin Laden is the one leader that successfully atacked this country. I really don't sense the fear is with Hussein or the North Korean whacko. It's Bin Laden lurking in the background. Notice the market started slipping again when it was confirmed that Bin Laden is in fact still alive. I thought that individual was very insightful.

    • Nanook,
      He did, but not too much imo. He made an appeal to freedom over there, perhaps trying to stir it up. He is hoping Iran will take care of itself, by itself. We are going to be spread much too thin to take them on in any military way.

      You ever think that Bush is just engaging in brinksmanship? Who will blink first? I always have in the back of my mind that Bush will bail out if at all possible. Too many deadline extensions on this and that, dealing with the UN instead of unilaterl, Security council. Though the troop deployment on a bluff is expensive, it is better than war.

    • Be careful. If all plays out well he could also be considered the greatest. :).

    • i heard it, and mentioned it in a post last night. anyone have link to FULL text?

    • Play, I don't recall him mentioning Iran

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