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  • thee_humanitarian thee_humanitarian Jan 15, 2009 2:13 PM Flag


    Not content with bankrupting America through their corrupt associations with AIG, Citibank, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc...., SCUMBAGS in Congress, led by Henry Waxman are promising to pass 'climate change' legislation asap.

    The only problem is: ANTHROPOGENIC GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX!!!!!!!

    The ONLY reason they want to pass legisglation asap, (i.e. steal our money asap) is that the record cold temperatures all over the world that we're experiencing NOW are likely to return next winter. These SCUMBAGS know that sheeple won't object too much with one year of -40, but back to back years of frigid weather might be enough even for American citizens who by their daily behavior give evidence that the majority is severely retarded.

    It's over.

    If you believe anything these lames spit out, the sucker is You.



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    • Well, I guess it all depends on where you live. Here in CT. we had a nice, warm Fall. I was working outside in the gardens right up until a few days before Christmas. Now we are in the middle of a cold snap such as we haven't seen for years. There are always fluctuations in the weather year to year. We had a very rainy spring and summer, which was unusual and did damage to some crops. A warm, sunny Fall perked up all the plants, and I was harvesting right into the end of November. Who knows for sure? A nuke dropped on Israel or Iran could cause the earth to tilt on it's axis and send us all the way of the wooley Mammoth.

      Cheer up and enjoy today!


    • Once again, they changed the mouth of the mississippi because the route kept changing because of the depositing ot the silt from the flow of the river. They created a direct route through so shipping could go through. Because of this it didn't dump the silt like would have without it. thus the erosion from the gulf ate away at the frontage of New Orleans until the gulf is at its back door. the water from the gulf is under cutting the land that new orleans now sits on. They also had a special on I believe on the discovery channel after the katrina hurricane hit. I don't think your paper had all the info in it. good luck. Please refine your search on google to arguments against global warming.

      I could also give you mistruths that the news media also has put the blame on global warming like polar bears (WWF lies) etc.

      Good Luck

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      • What they did do to the NO delta, and I don't know it this was the ACOE's doing, was to introduce plant eating rats from Asia. The natural plants would have helped to anchor the already receeding delta. I'll get you some links.

        Also, I didn't know this was a discussion about Al Gore's movie. I saw it, but it didn't add anything I didn't already know. Actually, I thought it was boring. A few of you might like to try an experiment with plants, as I did. Get a plant like the Vinca Vine, which dies in any zone below zone 6. If you are in a zone below 6, the plant will die every winter. 'Course, you'll have to wait another 10-30 years to watch the plant begin to flourish on its own. Don't shoot the messenger for the message, please. Do some research on your own, NOT on Al Gore's movie. This is getting to be funny. I didn't come on this mb to argue global warming. I was just interested in buying some Disney stock shares. glta


    • By the way the temperature on the South Pole is staying the same and moving colder. Check your history there was a person over 100 years ago traveled on a northwest passage over the north pole.

      Scientists don't know what is normal. They guess.

      If you put the entire earths geological history on the length of a football field scientists are lucky if they know about about 8 yards of it.

      Also in New York aout a year ago there was a seminiar with thousands of Scientists diputing the facts of Gores movie.

      You should do more reading.

    • there are over 31,000 scientists that are signed up I believe university of oregon that does not support the movie backed by al gore.

      Show me the poof that the oceans are rising.

      Also show me the proof that the glaciers from the artic are shrinking which it would not affect ocean levels..
      Compared to what was say a hundred years ago. What i normal.

      EXplain to me that the average temperature of the earth has stayed the same for the last 10 years.

      The glacier on Greenland is not shrinking but it is thickening. You sound like one of those individuals that has fallen for what Al Gore has produced.

      They just found that one of his cronies from NASA was using the same temperatures from Sept and carried over to Oct. They are now rechecking his data.

    • your right, global warming is a joke

    • before all is said and done, this congress and this president will turn the majority of the next stimulus plan into funding of social engineering projects instead of programs that create jobs.

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