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  • rgsam54 rgsam54 Jan 18, 2009 12:18 AM Flag


    wrong. Global warming has nothing to do with huricanes. Also the army corps of engineers changing the course oof the mississippi has dumped fewer tons of silt that it brings. New orleans was originally had about 5o to hundred miles of frontage before the gulf and the changing of the river eroded this frontage. Global warming man made is a fraud. natural cycle yes man made a big no!!!!

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    • I never said that global warming produces hurricanes! That's absurd. What I did say was that the rising oceans due to polar warming and glacial melting is very real. I would like you who believe that global warming is false to produce one scientist who affirms your opinion. Just one, against the thousands of others who support global warming.

      And to the poster who said that the Army Corp. of Engineers CHANGED the course of one of the biggest rivers in the world has no references either, no links, zip to support his claim. Haven't you ever wondered why New Orleans wasn't built back up to it's former glory? Because it's under sea level! All the Corp of Engineers did was to reinforce some, not all, of the existing dikes. Geez, I wrote an essay about this back in my college days, over thirty years ago. It was a much discussed subject in a geography course I took.

      If the greed for more land in New Orleans was properly zoned out, then the natural swamps would have acted as a buffer against Katrina. In fact, New Orleans was a swamp when LaFayette hid from the British troops during our Revolution. That's why wetlands are protected, to protect cities and towns from flooding when a larger river floods. The wetlands absorb the extra water.

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