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  • rgsam54 rgsam54 Jan 18, 2009 9:23 PM Flag


    Once again, they changed the mouth of the mississippi because the route kept changing because of the depositing ot the silt from the flow of the river. They created a direct route through so shipping could go through. Because of this it didn't dump the silt like would have without it. thus the erosion from the gulf ate away at the frontage of New Orleans until the gulf is at its back door. the water from the gulf is under cutting the land that new orleans now sits on. They also had a special on I believe on the discovery channel after the katrina hurricane hit. I don't think your paper had all the info in it. good luck. Please refine your search on google to arguments against global warming.

    I could also give you mistruths that the news media also has put the blame on global warming like polar bears (WWF lies) etc.

    Good Luck

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    • What they did do to the NO delta, and I don't know it this was the ACOE's doing, was to introduce plant eating rats from Asia. The natural plants would have helped to anchor the already receeding delta. I'll get you some links.

      Also, I didn't know this was a discussion about Al Gore's movie. I saw it, but it didn't add anything I didn't already know. Actually, I thought it was boring. A few of you might like to try an experiment with plants, as I did. Get a plant like the Vinca Vine, which dies in any zone below zone 6. If you are in a zone below 6, the plant will die every winter. 'Course, you'll have to wait another 10-30 years to watch the plant begin to flourish on its own. Don't shoot the messenger for the message, please. Do some research on your own, NOT on Al Gore's movie. This is getting to be funny. I didn't come on this mb to argue global warming. I was just interested in buying some Disney stock shares. glta


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      • Al Gores movie is the foundation that alot of politicians and that is pushing the eviromentalist agenda. He got an oscar and a nobel peace prize for information that can't be substantiated. Also putting the doom and gloom in people because they believe what he is saying is true.

        I'm a teacher and this is shown in the grade schools and the teachers don't have the science back ground and the kids think this it true.

        you can't believe how many adults and kids believe that katrina is from global warming. I stated in class with my high school sophs went home and told their parents. They were furious because it was different then what was in the newspaper and other publications.

        One last thing you were the one that stated that global warming is for real.

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