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  • mpcontractor mpcontractor Mar 15, 2010 8:16 AM Flag

    disney stock split

    as i've known that it has split in the past. i was just wondering if it'd happen again soon - that was my only reasoning for asking.
    and i guess it could appear to others that this question would seen like one of ignorance.
    anyway thanks for your words.

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    • Mpcontractor, its an honest question, and dips*hit above has no idea when the stock last split. disney has never been near $122, and last split in the 90's around 44(?). owned it then and still own it now. its a good question as we get near $40, its happened in the past time will tell if it happens again.

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      • Hey buck sh** do your research go to the company records on stock split history.

        I purchased disney just after they split in 1992. Date of record April 20, 1992, 4-1 split presplit closing price was $152.78. The next split was on July 9, 1998 (Which I was able to take advantage of) 3-1 split. Preclosing split price was $111. So I was off $11). After Split price was $37 (approx) So basically the stock has not done anything since that date. Except the affect of a minor and a major reccession.

        So do your homework before you open your mouth.

        If you look at history they will not consider a split until it goes into the $100 range

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