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    • So, it George Bush's fault?

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      • Rumsfeld was removed allegedly for his role to allow an Arab owned computer company out of Cincinnati, Ohio, access to the Dayton, Ohio, computers at Wright Patterson Air Force Base to "down load all the intelligence on all our airports" according to Lt. Col. Sam Fox, interviewed four weeks before 911.
        Eight generals ordered son Bush to remove their secretary of defense to rely allegedly on verified reports sent into the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Pre-Iraq by Army Intelligence "Enable Danger", special unit of the FBI, and myself, who were assigned to trail the alleged terrorists. However, Bush ordered the agencies to disengage and to destroy all their records; then, to bring in 500 psychologists into service for PEEP operations (good luck patterns for terrorist to get to their targets). Thanks to the two tracking agencies, all names of the alleged terrorists were disclosed to the press following 911. I supplied the recruiting list June 2000 to DOS, who allegedly brought in the two agencies. The Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld agenda was deeper than I could come to believe, as remarkable, disappointing, and pathetic for intelligence failures, cover up, and alleged past unreported misconduct matters, including inducing President Reagan to high radio frequency frontal lobe brain injury as he "knew too much" about the Iran Contra, and about the background to book: TRANCE Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips; allegedly so was allegedly the NASA former director knew too much---but he survived, thank God!
        I was only the messenger, but also attacked by the Bush deep right operatives. Ironically, I allegedly may helped Bush be selected during the Gore/Bush Florida entanglement following a phone call for a profile assessment.

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