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  • jjcooperan jjcooperan Jul 8, 2011 11:46 AM Flag

    Where are the jobs Mr President?

    Another weak jobs report and did you see Obama's press conference? One of his bright ideas to stimulating the economy is to streamline the patent process. Wow, this guy is really clueless and has no idea what to do. Total lack of leadership. Time to fire this guy and get in someone who will grow the economy.

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    • LOL! I think you better check your coordinates...the GOP is so off beat on their stance that even some level headed GOP politicians are starting to get nervous of the perception of the Right and its unwillingness to compromise when in fact Obama has more than compromised and is willing to cut things to the point that if bothers his own base.....and would easily be acceptable by the GOP base except the unreasonable extremist that only are interested in trying to take Obama will have the opposite effect and idiots like you can't even see it coming....LOL! TOO F-ING FUNNY!!! :D

    • What planet are you on? The Democrats controlled the House from 06 until '10 and the White House since 08. They crammed through ObamaCare. The ONLY obstruction has been the political backlash against Obama as demonstrated in the '10 midterms. This scared the hell out of him. His advisors started jumping ship. Obama suddenly got religion on deficit reduction (at least in speeches) but he has yet to do anything substantive except be the meeting organizer. He has no plans on offering any sustantive cuts to entitlement and next year will play the class warfare card (just as you do so unsuccessfully now). You can bet money on it. Either you are a complete DNC hack, brain dead or both if you believe Obama is not stumbling. If 9.2% unemployment after 2 and a half years in office is not stumbling, then I'd hate to see him really stumble. Get a clue.

    • >he's gradually fixing things while the GOP tries to obstruct the progress(its really really obvious)....and the funny thing is you are too stupid to see this, but the majority of the country is not.....2012 election will not bode well for the GOP if they continue their antics<

      Oh really? O is down to 42% approval up to 50% disapproval in todays Gallup (which means sample includes non-voters, illegals, etc.) Astounding. Looks to me like his message is getting out, and thats the problem. Don't believe everything Keith Olberjerk and Bill Maher tell you.

    • He's still asking George W. Bush the same far, W is MIA on that front as poor Obama has to keep trying to figure a way out of the mess idiot Bush left behind....and the W's GOP cronies are now trying to make matters worse by lopping heads off from the public sector....pretty disgusting stuff if you ask me...and all for political gain instead of worrying about what is best for the people in the interim.....

      so please, why not ask your GOP morons why they want to cut back on the public sector jobs that will just make matters even worse......get clue idiot... :D

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      • The implementation of technology and automation was purposely delayed in order to prevent the public sector employees from becoming obsolete so quickly.

        Since 2000, these automations have now been implemented.

        Perfect example are the unemployment offices. The whole unemployment benefit process is totally automated with computers now.

        Since there are very few meaningful jobs available the whole UI office serves no useful purpose because they cant do anything for you and they know it now.

        Only clueless people remained in public sector jobs up until now because they are people that didnt understand technology was purposely being delayed for them and that they were being supported by a borrowed/printed dollar.

        Of course, some public sector jobs are essential (law enforcement)

        If we cant continue to borrow/print money, then we must now make the tough decisions.

        Austerity measures were always imminent. Someone was just trying to sell you another story to keep you complacent.

      • Yags, yours is probably the dumbest post I've seen on a Message Board in a while- and that's saying a lot. It shows a complete lack of understanding of what being the President means, true leadership and owning a problem until it's solved. Obama is not only clueless about how to solve the current lack of jobs problem, but he's made the situation worse.

      • Get a clue! Obama is the President now. I realize it's hard to tell given his lack of leadership but he is, although not for long. The "cleaning up Bush's mess" may have worked as a campaign talking point in 2009 but it doesn't anymore. Obama owns the economy that he pledged to change and even you have to admit that he has no answer Just as "it was the economy stupid" was the slogan in the 90s, "where are the jobs" will be the slogan for Obama. What is truly disgusting is that we're at a 9.2% unemployment rate two and a half years after Obama's inauguration. Stimulus failed.You must be a Democratic hack to support him after all this time.

      • Typical of the left...

        - to insult because their point is weak..
        - continue to blame bush 3 years after being president.
        - never accept responsibility for anything.
        - Lie by saying republicans want to take public jobs away, when truth is give more incentive for private companies to create jobs eliminating the strain on american taxpayes...
        - continue to worship pres obama after failing in every aspect of his job.

        ---Hey Yags...consider the concept of there not being any more money...STOP spending...there is nothing left..Why is this simplest of concepts so hard for you to get?

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