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  • keybotthequant keybotthequant Jun 7, 2012 9:55 PM Flag

    DIS Charts Negatively Diverged Smack Down Coming

    The sun is setting on the Mouse House. This is one of the favorite divvy plays like VZ, T, XOM, MCD, IBM and others. The problem is that the divvy stock bubble is very large now and please refrain from poking your finger at the bubble since surely it will rupture at any time. Note the three blue squares showing classic distribution of stock to Ma and Pa sucka. Every trade needs a bag holder and with the stellar performance of Goofy, Pluto and the Gang, over recent months, the professionals need some suckers to come in to take stock off their hands. This is why television and print media is pumping the divvy stocks now, the smart money needs to shaft Ma and Pa with stocks like DIS right before they fail. The funny part (funny sad not funny happy) is that after the Faceplant (FB) debacle, where novice traders entered the markets only to have their head handed to them, many of these traders have flocked into utilities and divvy stocks for perceived safety. What suckers, but every market needs a chump. The volume squares show how a large up day was followed by an even larger volume down day the next day; this is a clear sign of distribution where the big boys are sneaking out the back door and luckily, Ma and Pa, after hearing a pundit tell them to run out and buy DIS, are flocking to the name with their bag wide open, ready to be completely wiped out in the markets.

    The red rising wedge and negative divergence, the weekly chart is negatively diverged as well, says a smack down will occur at any time. The blue rectangle in the wedge shows the uber high volume day that was tested mid-May where the volume could not even match half of the early May volume, bearish. The only reason price has floated upwards is because the media continues to tell the sucka's to run out and buy it. Keystone started shorting DIS today. Projection is for a spank down to occur at any time.

    For DIS chart and technical analysis use search box above for keystone speculator.

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    • The Divvy bubble is in it's infancy. Wait until the 10 Year Treasury rate gets to 0 or goes negative. Then you will see a massive run to high yielding blue chips, and that is when you can go on bubble alert. Stocks like DUK, MO, and others are flying under the radar, even though they make new highs weekly. The volume is average and their is no signs of massive speculation in the big names. Ma and Pa are not in the market, that is why it is crawling higher

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