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  • troublesacomin troublesacomin Nov 29, 2012 11:23 AM Flag

    No Way This Stock Should Be Anywhere near $50!

    all i remember is 2001-2004 where you couldnt pay ppl to go to their parks. How many times can somebody go on the Pirates of the Carribean ride? rides are lame and old.

    Marvel and star wars nice additions. only problem is, they have saturated the public. how many spiderman movies can they crank out and sell toys off? they should do a new Hulk movie, no a new punisher movie,. no a x-men movie, no, how about a fantastic four movie? they havent done 1 of those right? riiiight? = Over saturated product.

    Alot of people are still mad at that disgraceful presequel of Star wars, just look at jar jar brinks!

    ppl arent watching tv as much as they used to.

    this stock is over hyped. time for a correction. they told you this last quarter but nobody was listening to the conference call, oooh well. good luck. $50 for disney stock, muy muy expensive.

    Ha Ha I'm shorting this f er! (in a mickey mouse voice)

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