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  • mike.morrie mike.morrie Feb 5, 2013 8:02 PM Flag

    4:1 split coming soon?

    I don't know. You tell me.

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    • Yes, a 4-1 split would be great for the company and all others!!!!! SPLIT NOW!!!

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    • Both points here are valid. On the one hand;'s like taking a dollar bill and turning into four quarters. However, a majority of Disney non institutional shareholders own less than 10 shares. Many people buy a few shares for their children and...........if you haven't seen a Disney stock certificate, they are really cool. All of the famous Disney cartoon characters are on it.

      Many people actually frame the stock certificate and hang it on their wall.

      But as far as a stock split? It's pretty unlikely at this time. Right now, the big "trend" is to buy companies and finance them at these low interest rates before they go back up again. Companies like Disney and many others; also have called in their high yielding bonds from years past and refinanced them at lower rates.

      The stock split is a possibility and putting the stock at $15 is historically at a low price. I've owned the stock for 25 years and drawing from my memory.......they usually like the stock split to have the stock in the low to mid 20s. At 4/1 that would put Disney stock in the 80-90s or..........a 3/1 stock split in the 60-70s.

      Again historically, the stock price would have to stay above a certain price for a period of time before doing so.

      But (and I apologize for being so long winded), if the board of directors were to do a stock split, it would be at the same time the company would declare their annual stock dividend which is in December.

      Hope this helps...........

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      • I believe DIS was 118.00 or there about when they split last time 3-1. If thats the case they got a ways to go.

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      • wow-reading what you wrote of disney-i felt like i was reading what THE most stock versed person in the world would write. as if you were mr dow himself---if there ever was a mr. dow. most people who write into this haven't much in the couth department or just say whatever they are ready to say.
        just on this one question and you responding to all that was written before your reply - i felt like i was reading the beginning of a disseration. for others reading this - i didn't mean a literal dissertaion. i am refering to the well spoken fashion hitting all points asked or said. and even more.

    • Who really cares? A split doesn't mean anything. It's like making change for a dollar. 4 quarters still add up to $1.

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      • crystal: I have been in the market close to 50 years. Whenever a good company splits, it goes sideways for quite a while. Eventually, it starts going up because many small investors get in the market. At higher stock prices, first time investors just will not purchase an issue that has a high price, but will do this at a lower price. The more people that get in the market and purchase an issue, will cause the issue to rise, especially if the earnings are good.

      • the thing about a split that i like and definitely hope for a split soon is ----- more people will want to buy it at a lower price. so if it ended up a quarter as you used that amount-that quarter will go up a dime sooner that if it was a dollar. the dollar might only go up 3 cents.

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