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  • colorado_dude4u colorado_dude4u Jul 28, 2013 8:33 PM Flag

    Why is the div so skimpy?

    They have a boatload of ca$h and should be getting some more back to shareholders! Anyone else think so?

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    • Quite simply DIS needs to institute a quarterly dividend NOW. Only Dow 30 stock without one! Start with .25/share and grow annually. Will bring in whole new class of investors and put floor under stock. Growth/mo investors will not leave cuz good story still intact.

    • I've learned one thing over the years, high dividend stocks don't increase in price as quickly as low dividend stocks do because of the fact that people buy it based on more cash on hand. I'm up over 140% in 7 years with this stock and with a stock like GE, I'm only up 30% over that same time (doesn't include the crash of 2008). Wife begged me to buy DIS for my son 7 years ago and I wasn't thrilled to do it because of the Div, but Yes, I've had to tell her she was right many times and it hurts each time. :)

    • How about the lame excuse about saving on postage with regard to paying the dividend once a year. Aren't the overwhelming bulk of dividends paid through electronic transfer.

    • Have you checked their balance sheet, check out long term debt. quick ratio not so hot. they need cash to cover. not clear if you own this or not. if you don't try another stock if you hot on divs as recommended below. if you are new to investing go slow and stick with blue chips. good luck

    • dmwillwin Jul 31, 2013 6:55 PM Flag

      Yes, boatloads of ca$h will do it!

    • Disney is coming out of years of underperformance in it's earnings growth. The stock price has advanced a lot on the expectation that the acquisitions will generate a high cash flow and high profits. It looks good, but the money isn't flowing strongly yet. It is better for them to be realistic with the dividend and boost it as the cash flow increases. Disney does everything in a big way. If the execution is poor or the guess of what the consumers want is off, a lot of money flows out of the company quickly with little or no return. California Adventure didn't go over and had to be redone. Regional economies for instance in Europe impair earnings. They need to use the money to increase the reliable base earnings, for example from ESPN, and fund the other projects that are less predictable but faster ROI. Then increase the dividend each year at a rate they can sustain. They need to build the business and reward the owners, us share holders, in both increase stock price as a result of a more valuable business and increasing cash to us through the dividends.

      If you looking for current income try some utilities of consumer product companies. They are usually slower in share price increases. It depends what your looking for. If you have years before you need the money from dividends to support you, balanced companies are better. Good luck.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • cell367 Jul 30, 2013 1:07 PM Flag

      no cause you got to pay taxes on can take a loss and write it off against a gain. So buy low sell high.....if you need a dividend try CLM GGN CRF NDRO ERF BPT JE JONE.......GLTA

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Maybe they spent too much on that lousy Lone Ranger movie! Who knows. I think a 3% dividend should be about right tho but this isn't a utility company.

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