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  • no_expert no_expert Apr 26, 1999 3:46 PM Flag

    Ha Ha Ha

    Any time I want a good laugh, I just come to this message board and read about all your hopes of Disney climbing out of the gutter. Thanks for making my day again! Be back tomorrow.

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    • Michael Eisner does not make $500 million a year.

      To be sure, he exercised options worth $570 million
      in the first quarter of fiscal 1998. That would be
      around November of 1997, almost a year-and-a-half ago.
      The options he exercised were granted years ago, and
      based on the fact that he has increased the value of
      the company 30-fold since his arrival.

      that's a big payday, but he's not getting it every year.

    • We published an analysis on DIS on 2/12. If you'd like a copy, email us, or go to

    • has frustrated stockholers for some time. Why
      can't he groom a possible replacement. Mikey seems to
      be a little selfish. Is he worried he could be
      dumped once a replacement is fully groomed? Or worse
      yet, he finds out he has lost his job by reading it on
      the cover of Variety!!!! ala Katzenburg style. What
      comes around goes around.

    • Gotta love this Bull.
      You will need Real Player to see the Video.

    • I love DIS - it's the half a billion dollar
      wonderboy that I'm dissapointed with. I truly believe that
      he is FAT, DUMB & Very HAPPY. Remember Rocky III,
      Wonderboy doesn't have the "EYE of the Tiger" anymore. And
      I shall try to be kind - that it's time to get some
      LEAN HUNGRY & MEAN talent at the Helm of this
      I see DIS in a state if dissaray. He's blown the
      Internet play cause he just doesn't understand it( Go.COM
      is joke ). The Broadcast division is a looser. If we
      can't get rid of the Half a Billion Dollar Wonderboy,
      then we should sell some of the assets ( build a
      Shrine to Mikey for fellow cheerleader worshippers ) and
      get back to DIS's Core Competantcy.

    • dis has no other choice but to spin off its net business as soon as possible. institutions will not stand for results like this anymore, imo.

    • laugh out loud...good point...only suckers are
      selling...the news today wasnt bad....disney theme parks
      continue to make record profits...the rest of the business
      will fall in line by 2Q...people over react as
      usual...and thes MM are nothing but thieves...they are trying
      to get your shares cheap and sell them back to you
      at 50...dont fall for this downgrade
      business...thats exactly what it is a business to make MM more

      hold your shares...disney is one of the finest
      companies in the world....

      go disney...

    • Everybody sell all their shares of DIS and buy
      that WLGS penny stock!! That'll give me a chance to
      pick up some more Mickey at a steal (That's if I can
      find my checkbook, it must be under one of these piles
      of Mulan/Lion King/etc/etc crap that are all over my

    • Mikey got stock options which are perks which =

      Salary + Options + Perks + Cars + all totalled $
      576.6 million
      the 2nd highest compensated executive
      in business history. What did that buy you
      today-Pilgrim. nada

    • This stock was the best use of my DIS sale. I'm
      no genius but stumbling onto this stock and using
      DIS sale money has made me one Very Fat Dumb & Happy
      Kat from Dixie today. I think WLGS could be the
      Qualcom of the future. However due your own DD first. See
      WLGS website to see what a real 5 yr business plan
      looks like. Did you hear that

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