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  • ripking99 ripking99 Jan 10, 2013 12:17 AM Flag


    They donèt get any bigger then this in the microcap space, this deal is going to the moon $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    National Wealth International Ltd. has provided Bergamo Acquisition's wholly owned European subsidiary cashed-backed securities consisting of three separate tranches of 500 Million US Dollars issued through HSBC Bank, one of the world's largest banking and financial services organizations. These funds will remain on deposit in accounts held by Bergamo Acquisition's European subsidiary.

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    • Transaction between parties is based on CASH ONLY!

      Ask the GOOD of the universe and you shall receive:

      More clarification, in Order to:
      *Banking Swift has multiple different types of messaging systems

      *MT 760 is one of those options

      *This message is sent at the request of the Bank account holder, from one bank to other bank. Bank to Bank.

      *The account holder wants to show the other bank there are funds available in his bank account to cover a particular transaction

      *In order to make this message happen this is the process for account holder irrevocably agrees that their bank will hold the same amount of funds as security for the transaction. Cash Backed Security is a Cash Backed Financial Instrument sent via Swift MT 760 which is called Cash Backed Security

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    • National Wealth International Ltd has a 1.5 Billion Dollars on Deposit at HSBC.

      *National Wealth and BGMO`S European subsidiary signed various investment agreements,

      *National Wealth then made an investment and instructed HSBC to issue Cash Backed Securities and is sharing 50 percent of the profit with BGMO`S European subsidiary.

      *ie, The account holder National Wealth approached its bank HSBC and asked them to issue CASHED BACK SECURITIES to BGMO`S European Subsidiary Bank against the Deposit.
      Companies or Corporation are not Bank's they do not issue Cash Back Securities, it is Banks who do that.

      *Only Bank's can issue Cashed Back Security instruments, Wire transfers, Bank Drafts etc etc.

      *In this transaction the instrument was issued by HSBC on behalf of the client who has deposit of funds at HSBC.

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    • Cash Backed Security Mean’s - Transaction between parties is based on CASH only.


      or Transaction is Secured with the Backing of CASH DEPOSIT. But in any event the transaction is

      transmitted VIA bank to bank correspondence.

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      • 1 Reply to assetmanagement65

        When Warren Buffett first took control of Berkshire Hathaway, he effectively turned the company around by redirecting its dwindling resources toward the careful purchase of other companies. In much the same mold, Bergamo targets a diversified portfolio of companies for strategic investment, acquisition or co-investment alongside other institutional investors, such as private equity funds, hedge funds, and investment banks. ??Bergamo plans to effect large one-off equity investments, management buy-outs, friendly mergers, and value-accretive capital projects. At times the company may provide debt financing as a primary investor in the form of bi-laterally negotiated private placements. Bergamo has raised substantial funding to pursue its investment targets. The company has sole fiduciary discretion over these funds and will direct their disposition in line with its overall strategy.

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    • We have seen this countless times. Games are being played by usual suspects.

      the bgmo party hasnt even started yet, hsbc issued cash back security of $1.5biillion into bgmo subsidiary,
      enough said period.

      tick tock

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    • Private companies classified as Cash is King,
      Stay as a private company for many good reasons. The last thing I would need to hear is what tax bracket I would fall into ie under the new Fiscal Cliff act.

      imo National Wealth International Ltd falls into this category. For a "Private Company" to own mounds of assets and is cash liquid. Publicity and google search is definitely made sure to be off boundaries.

      After all CASH IS KING and its wealth needs to be protected for family generations.

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    • HSBC is Issuer & European Subsidiary is Beneficiary receiving party


      The Fed is not the only bank nor the biggest bank in the world on an international level combined. Do not underestimate what you do not know and should not assume.

      The Fed and BIS is overseen by Cash is King. This is fact in the RealWorld.

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    • Note 2 – Investment in marketable securities
      Investment in marketable securities consists of 2,132,157 shares of common stock in a publically traded company at a
      cost of $1 million. During the period from January 1, 2012 through September 10, 2012, the Company recorded an
      unrealized loss of $0.1 million. As of September 17, 2012, the estimated fair value of the shares was $0.9 million.
      During August 2012, a Stock Purchase Agreement was entered into to purchase 60% of a Delaware corporation in
      exchange for $7.5 million in order to effect the purchase of a majority control of the publically traded company noted in
      the preceding paragraph. As of the date of these financials, the $7.5 million has not been transferred.
      Note 3 – Commitments and Contingencies
      During September 2012, the Company entered into a settlement agreement to satisfy outstanding debt and accrued
      interest carried on the Company’s financials at approximately $1.0 million. The Company had previously defended
      against the penalties and interest but agreed to a total settlement of approximately $2.9 million. Accordingly, the
      Company recorded settlement expense of $1.9 million.
      During August 2012, a subsidiary (“Subsidiary”) of the Company entered into an Investors’ General Agreement and
      Investment Platform Provider Business Agreement (hereafter the “Investor Agreement”). The Investor Agreement
      describes the profit sharing between the investors and the Subsidiary and provides for weekly payment of those profits.
      The agreement will be ongoing for five years.
      Note 4 – Related Party Transactions
      During the period ended September 17, 2012, the Company accrued $40 million in commissions to the Company’s
      president and director and another $40 million to the Company’s executive vice president and director.

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      • Type message

      • “BGMO due Diligence Team & Managements First Question to the Investor”
        * National Wealth Ltd
        BGMO'S investor National Wealth has answered these questions for BGMO, other wise
        there would have been no point in moving forward and getting embarrassed in front of Traders, CPA, Legal
        Advisors, Corporate Advisors, SEC and International News Media.

        1. Show proof of funds on deposit at the Bank
        2. Witness proof of deposit at Bank
        3. Show current Bank Statement
        4. Show proof of how long the funds have been on deposit with HSBC
        5. Prove that funds on deposit are a tradable asset.
        6. Show proof that these funds are clean and clear and without any liens
        7. Show proof you are the owner and decision maker for this depost at HSBC

        Sophisticated Investor's understand the, Meaning of a CASH BACKED SECURITY
        Means the transaction between both parties is based on CASH investment. That’s all the PR of Jan 9th 2012, said. You cannot write a 5000 Word PR explaining the transaction.
        BGMO has been involved in these types of transaction for a longtime
        They understand the complete procedures of BANK TO BANK confirmations
        And how to receive funds in their bank a/c from investor via swift.

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      • HSBC one of the largest banks in the world are with Bergamo now!!!!

        And our strategy is like Warren Buffett, double wow!!!

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      • How can a bank like HSBC issue $1.5 Billion dollars if it is not there? BGMO a public company PR has just been made nationwide.
        A CPA compiled a bank statement after traveling to Europe with Herzog and issued its 09/19 letter. Think.

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      • $bgmo working with global banks and financial institutions

        cpa has already disclosed their findings of $88m in the bank!!!!
        cpa was very delighted in meeting banking officials and has to work under the strict ncnda terms to provide current trut

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      • Fair Value of Financial Instruments
        The Company’s financial instruments include cash, receivables, available-for-sale securities and due to related parties.
        Management believes the fair values of these financial instruments approximate their carrying values due to their shortterm nature.

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    • In addition, the parties have agreed that no less than US $88 million, or its equivalent value in Euros, shall remain on deposit in the account of Bergamo Acquisition’s European subsidiary for a period of one year. This amount represents the initial profit earned from the first US $500 million cash-backed securities investments entered into between the parties previously, as set forth in Bergamo’s most recent consolidated financial report compiled by L.L. Bradford & Company LLC, a public accounting firm based in Nevada.

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