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  • solartrader33 solartrader33 Jan 10, 2013 12:30 AM Flag

    $1.5 Billion from HSBC GAME ON

    BGMO moving towards more transparency and affiliated with HSBC Bank, one of the world's largest banking and financial services organizations.

    In addition, the parties have agreed that no less than US $88 million, or its equivalent value in Euros, shall remain on deposit in the account of Bergamo Acquisition's European subsidiary for a period of one year. This amount represents the initial profit earned from the first US $500 million cash-backed securities investments entered into between the parties previously, as set forth in Bergamo's most recent consolidated financial report compiled by L.L. Bradford & Company LLC, a public accounting firm based in Nevada.

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    • Cash Backed Security Mean’s - Transaction between parties is based on CASH only.


      or Transaction is Secured with the Backing of CASH DEPOSIT. But in any event the transaction is

      transmitted VIA bank to bank correspondence.

      What is that method Bank to Bank Swift MT 760 Message from one bank to another- Terms specified. The transactions between both parties is Backed with Cash. ( Cash Backed Security is not Instrument but to confirm this transaction. Swift MT 760 message is sent and received by the other bank.

      In order to

      *Banking Swift has multiple different types of messaging systems.

      *MT 760 is one of those options.

      *This message is sent at the request of the Bank account holder, from one bank to other bank.

      *The account holder wants to show the other bank there are funds available in his bank account to cover a particular transaction.

      *In order to make this message happen this is the process for account holder irrevocably agrees that their bank will hold the same amount of funds as security for the transaction. Cash Backed Security is a Cash Backed Financial Instrument sent via Swift MT 760 which is called Cash Backed Security.

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    • Revenue Recognition
      Investments in Financial Instruments – The Company earns commissions based on returns from investments in financial
      instruments. Revenues are recorded upon receipt of actual returns

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