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  • whitesands_8 whitesands_8 Apr 15, 2009 11:33 PM Flag

    Jim purchases 248,139 shares at over $6/share

    And we have people completely twisting the facts talking about how he's "dumping" when it was a measely 30,000 shares at $5 just before purchasing 248,139 shares at over $6/share...

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    • but why dump 40000 shares/ please xplain?

    • dumping? maybe he's not dumping his shares but he sure is selling them. he admits he's been reducing his stake in TRE for personal diversification.

      the truth doesn't matter to the devotees. it's all about impressions, adjectives and superlatives.

      sinclair could pee on your dining room table and you would interpret it as divine.

      now for a word from Sai Baba.....

    • If purchasing hundreds of thousands of shares above market value doesn't speak of Jim's integrity I don't know what will...

      Bashers choosing TRE and Jim Sinclair to slander who is actually purchasing stock and has been consistently (hundreds of thousands of shares on a regular basis)above market value when you have CEO's and directors of other companies out there granting themselves millions in options at no cost to them WAY below market value every quarter...

    • whitesands,

      How many years you gonna do this for?

      The guy makes dozens of trades and you quote two.

      You people that misrepresent things - do you think any semi-sophisticated investor is going to accept what you just said?

      The trades are a matter of record. Barron's looked it up and found out that the guy owns less shares then he did 3 years ago, in spite of the fact that he's always buying. And he owns a lower percentage of the company's outstanding stock.

      If that's wrong, then you and he should go sue Barron's. but be careful - Barron's does DD before they publish anything.