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  • whitesands_8 whitesands_8 May 16, 2009 11:23 PM Flag

    pbfanalive has been reported

    For months on end this poster has harrassed other users....I would like to suggest that others begin reporting these posters who have been involved in harrassment and other activities...

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    • So Jay, are you also a politician? You know never answer a question just dance around the issue?

    • jaybaker May 17, 2009 7:04 PM Flag

      With ANY due respect Sir, grow up.

    • Jay, would you explain how your statement that Sinclair faded the angels on his site,(literally), was the proof for cpi's statement that Sinclair was fading his own calls?

      Cpi came back with his usual weak statement that he "thought " he read it on the mineset site, no surprise there.

      Exactly what "experience" do you have that makes you think such an unprofessional reply by you will go unchallenged?

      Exactly what made you think my reply was based on emotion? I assure you it wasn't, it just gets really tiresome listening to you clowns and your lame explanations and spin.

      You said you have a brain, use it before you shoot your mouth off.

    • jaybaker May 17, 2009 4:32 PM Flag

      "Jay just because you claim respectability and success doesn't excuse the ignorance of your statement."

      Sir, My statements are based solely on experience. It appears that your statements are based on emotion. I will allow for your inexperience and naivety.

    • devotees pursuing censorship comes as no surprise.

      what's next? abortion.

      the 'right to life' fanatics call them Baby Killers.

      Sinclair murdered the futures traders who believed the hype about him being a Gold trading and technical analysis expert. his 'This Is It' calls destroyed many a PM speculator.

      don't you guys miss the angels?

      after the fact, JS admitted to fading the angels when the target prices failed but did anyone here read the slightest word of caution from JS as he was selling positions?

      the argument here was that JS's popularity moves markets so he couldn't give a sell signal out loud. bullsh*t.