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  • starsaregold starsaregold May 28, 2012 9:06 PM Flag

    Rick Rule's view on TNX

    Rick Rule on King World News promised listeners of the show to let them know what he thought of junior exploration companies owned by listeners. 1 is must buy and 10 is must sell.
    TNX received 7.

    Must say I was a bit shocked.

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    • It's so easy to second guess someone almost a year after. Where was this clown faller when this message was originally posted? I didn't see where he was making a prediction then. Oh wait, I have a prediction also. I think Apple will be a good co. Let's see if I'm right.

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      • If you click on my name, you will see I was in the TNX/TRE story since before 2004. So much for being a joker. Doesn't make my sage and cogent commentary about why Rule said TNX was a sell. In fact it strenghtens it. You are a pretty hot tempered femle in heat it would appear. Learn some manners and then learn to appreciate quality when you are graced with it.
        I've met Rule, shaken his hand, sat at his feet as a newbie investor over 20 years ago and have enormous respect for the man, LONG before Sprott Asset Mgmt snapped him up. I believe firmly I understand his perspective and have followed his rules for investing in Juniors for over 20 years.
        I know that of which I speak. And he says sell because Sinclair is a one horse stock, with one objective, and Sinclairs objectives with TRE do NOT Match Up With Rick's Rules for Investing in this space, short fused grasshopper.

    • Ever gotten over the shock? Just found this message.
      All I hear Rick Rule saying by his "SEVEN" sell ranking out of TEN is this: He doesn't see much profit potential, aka multibagger ops that he specializes in within the ROYALTY BUSINESS MODEL.
      RRule isn't about Royalties, he's about finding, funding and profiting before companies make it on the radar. And he's damn good at it.
      Sinclair doesn't need private equity capital funding, so that rules out "Rule."

      TRE is Sinclair's private baby albeit with public shareholders of odds sizes and shapes. So, it is structured and controlled to make ONE person a multi-bagger: Sinclair and his heirs. End of story.
      Nothing wrong with either man's metrics. Just have to be willing to understand before making personal capital commitment to either school of investment though in the micro-junior E&D space.