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  • amresh_77 amresh_77 Feb 18, 2009 2:33 PM Flag

    DEE - is it time to ring the register?


    Tough day today. I have been trying to exploit a relative strength
    based approach to rank ETFs.

    DEE have been in the top five ranked ETFs for a long time now.

    I have been making weekly posts on my blog:


    (sorry for the camouflage above, yahoo deletes my posts if I don't)

    Please do take a read, I would love to hear your comments and promise
    to reply to ALL comment ASAP.

    Good Luck!!

    PS:- I am a retail investor, I have nothing to sell, just curious to
    exchange ideas.

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    • it's abuy here..
      the inverse(DYY) is currently trading in significant overbought conditon using TA..

      It has now crossed the upper BB and a close here on DYY, will cause traders to sell it, causing DEE to to the close here..I will buy DEE

      The DJP is way overbought and will pull back

    • When you chart the stock market since 1880 and draw a line averaging out all the hills and valleys, today it would be at............................5500 to 6000.

      That's probably where it will end up before this debacle is over, maybe even lower. That's why I am not selling DEE; my basis is 40 and I have made up all my previous 2008 market losses up to 10/3/08 by holding DEE through all the market bi-polar ups and downs. Good enough reason for me to continue holding.

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