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  • thebullishkid thebullishkid Jul 24, 2003 12:55 PM Flag


    So am I to assume that you believe that if mortgage rates go back to 7% that people will stop buying homes and all these homebuilders who continue to beat and raise estimates will not be able to even meet their projetions? Do you think that things will fall apart so fast that even 10% growth isnt sustainable?
    Even with higher rates, I dont see the housing market being worse off than alot of other sectors that are garnering much higher premiums. Maybe im wrong, and I picked up some puts just in case, its not like we are talking about internet stocks here with no real business model or earnings. I just dont see the demand for hoousing coming down that much.. At the end of the day we are still talking about a company that is going to earn $12.25+/share this year. Even if things fell apart and they only earned 8 bucks, we are still trading at less than 10 times...

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    • All the chartest were saying the same thing in March

    • All I got to say is what was the price of BZH when mortgage rates were above 7? Less than 20. See ya there.

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      • That's like comparing apples and kiwis. The builders have an inverse relationship to interest rates.

      • All I got to say is what was the price of BZH when mortgage rates were above 7? Less than 20. See ya there.

        Funny stuff... You know, when mortgage rates were above 7% Juniper was at like $200... See ya there...

      • <<< All I got to say is what was the price of BZH when mortgage rates were above 7? Less than 20. See ya there. >>>

        First of all, I just looked at this board - and I'm astounded at all the recent "short" posts. That has to be a bullish sign.

        As to ralphretard's post; are you really that dumb? You figure that if a stock was at a certain price when interest rates were at a certain level, then if/when the interest rates go back to that level - the stock will go back to that price? That's astounding, simply astoundingly, incredibly stupid. With "logic" like that, you're bound to lose your shirt. And yet, if you really believe that, you simply can't learn, I'm sorry. It's clear that you have absolutely no concept of the homebuilder business, or investing. I have nothing more to say to you, other than... wow, I am still astounded by your "logic". Amazing.

    • I think that rising int rates will eat into the earnings lil by lil.Will people stop buying if int rates go to 7% nope.but there will be more sellers than buyers for a while. I feel 64.00 will be the shoert term bottom for bzh thats mid-april stock price. there are so many people who bought an extra home for investment,and those who traded up and took on more debt(margin call) than they can afford.All these influences will come together to scare buyers and trader uppers for a while anyway. I'll buy back and all of you can enjoy bzh going to $125,splitting and back to 125 and splitting....pie in the sky? for you or money in the bank for me? Gold is an indicator i'll watch closely. Oh yeah i revolted at higher priced homes and have rented until bubble bursts. I could be wrong, but you know where my money is...

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