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  • smith_105_1999 smith_105_1999 Oct 4, 2004 9:25 PM Flag

    Don't believe the hype!!!

    Check out what JP Morgan had to say about Pulte homes just last week.

    29-Sep-04 08:05 ET In Play:

    JP Morgan raises 2005 ests for homebuilders, adds PHM to their "Focus List" : JP Morgan raises their avg 2005 EPS growth rate est to 19% from 16%, which they note is well above consensus of 13%; firm also adds PHM to their Focus List and set a $77 target. With demand indicators staying solid and rates more stable, firm is increasingly comfortable with their avg order growth est of 15% for 2H04, which should be a positive for the group. Moreover, not only do they anticipate modest upside surprises for 3Q04 EPS, but more importantly they expect 2005 EPS guidance to be raised. Finally, industry demand and supply statistics remain favorable, and they believe pricing risk is overstated. Firm finds that despite CA and FL regions having the strongest pricing growth, these areas also largely have the strongest levels of employment growth, which softens the risk.

    Now Pulte lowers guidance. This just seals it for me, never again will i put my hard earned money in the stock market again.

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    • In Defiance County (northwest Ohio) (South of Toledo) some 100 fake voter registrations were sent in. 22 year old guy is in custody. Also involves a woman from the Toledo area paying him off with drugs. How stupid can people be in this world? Bush / Kerry, Where should I start? Bush is stronger against the terrorists, Kerry won't act unless we're attacked. That's what they want someone weak so they can launch an attack. Kerry's wife won't show her tax returns and he refuses to tell the truth about his history in the military. I don't think he's truthful and his wife is well, strange. His record in the Senate is enough for me to decide. This guy will raise taxes in his first 100 days of office. Besides he's from Massachuttes, What more do you need to decide?
      I could go on and on...running out of room here. As for the market, YES would love to receive the fax. E-mail me and we'll go from there. Thanks! Have a good night. Marcia

    • Marcia- What's this about voter registration fraud in Ohio? Why is Kerry better than Bush? If you're interested I could fax you the stock picks.

    • Elaine, Another friend gave me the coca cola stocks, and they look good to me. You were right about housing stocks dropping. I'm concerned about them, I've been in and out for a long time, hard to give them up. I think the terroists want Kerry elected because he is weaker than President Bush. Our soldiers need Bush in the WH, someone strong and honest and good. Both sides thought their were WMD and Kerry is not truthful. Look at his record. Thanks for the stocks. Have a good day. Marcia

    • experts are expecting housing stocks to drop sometime in the future. Watch out, Get into some of those others. Look into coke, ko, cce. Traders who rely on logic will get hurt. Not for Bush or Kerry but I think Kerry will win. Elaine

    • Elaine, Will def take a look at the stocks you mentioned, Keeping busy with the election, our 72 hour push is coming up. Busy, but fun. I'll get back into the market next week, Have a good weekend. Marcia

    • Ohio is the "buckeye" state and a huge swing state in this election. Had a political dinner last night and we need ALL REPUBLICANS to get out and vote. The small communities and rural counties will need to carry the more populated counties. President Bush will need our state to be elected another term. (Had to get my political speech in) Very important because the Democrates are more organized in Ohio at this time. Good Luck Presidnet Bush.

    • Marcia- Never been to Ohio. Take a look at some of the other ones I'm in. Let me know what you think. Elaine

    • Hi, KMRT is the only one. I'm in and out of housing stocks, MSO, ELN, MAMA, and some others that I recently got into, but always open for new ideas and can really use help knowing what to research. I'm from West Central Ohio. I visited NYC recently and it's an awesome place. Good Luck with the market. Marcia

    • Do you trade any of these? KMG, KMRT, ECA, URBN, YHOO, ACAP I work in the city and live in New Jersey and you? Elaine

    • Elaine, I appreciated your response. I also prefer to be long. I thought maybe I was missing out not shorting. Are you from New York? Marcia

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