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  • ted42001 ted42001 Dec 9, 2005 8:20 PM Flag

    ceo sells $13,000,000.00 of stock

    This is old news beacause it happened on nov. 21. I'm feel like he's telling us something.Any longs like to put their spin on this.I'm short and i thing it's bearish.

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    • LOL!You seem mad.Another personal attack.Something I said.LOL!I just feel/felt RE would go down and you feel it keeps going up.If that makes me dumb then so be it.But can I keep all the money I made/make off being dumb while we will call you smart but please make good on all the money you were/are losing.If it makes you feel better you are smart,broke but smart.LOL!BUWAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • LOL!You seem mad!Something I said?Once again another personal atack.LOL!You are funny,funny like foolish funny.LOL!

    • Why even bother responding to nonsence? Save your energy.
      Good day.

    • Hi Ted,

      What you meant to say is that the COO, not the CEO, sold 179,997 shares of stock for $12.4 million on November 21.

      The CEO, Ian McCarthy, holds 641,005 shares, a much larger position than the COO, Michael Furlow, who holds only 97,142 shares, to whom you alluded.

      Both individuals, the CEO, and the COO, acquired their shares for only about $0 each, using the magic of option compensation.

      It must be a constant temptation for an option millionaire to cash out. Put yourself in their shoes.

      If you ever worked in a large corporation, you may have noticed that their are always a few individuals, in key management positions, who need cash badly, despite huge salaries. We cannot draw sweeping conclusions from the behavior of a single executive.

      Good luck,


    • This piece was written about TOLL but BZH mngt is doing the same thing. Time to dump this pos.

      A Motley Fool picked up on this stock action. "Is the bell finally tolling for Toll Brothers and the high-end housing market? Whether or not the housing bubble is popping or not, it's clear that the go-go growth at Toll is coming to an end for at least a little while. If demand cools even more than expected, orders could be cancelled and the company might be tempted to cut prices to keep deals from falling through."

      "For the year, insiders at Toll sold millions of their shares of the stock but directed more than $118 million of the shareholder's money toward the repurchase of about 2.8 million shares. So the company managers think it's a good idea to use company money to buy stock that they themselves don't want. Isn't that just nifty?"

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