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  • Harvester3 Harvester3 Jul 29, 1998 2:42 PM Flag

    Beazer homeowner, not a stockowner

    Of the four houses I have had built around the
    country, my Beazer home (actually a subsidiary called
    Squires Homes) was by far the most poorly constructed.
    Their reputation in the Charlotte area has become one
    of the worst in this booming new home area, and
    their percentage of new contracts is no longer leading
    the new home marketplace. Yes, their sales have
    increased, but not nearly at the rate of their competitors.
    They have recently dropped their construction prices
    by up to 20% on several of the new neighborhoods,
    and sales percentages are still below their
    competitors of similar price ranges (180k and

    I will never buy another Beazer home, nor do I
    believe their stock is a decent long term investment.
    IMHO, the market share they are losing in Charlotte
    will probably spread to other areas in the country. No
    firm data to back this up. Just what I have seen in
    the North Carolina area.

    There are comments on
    this post about inventory. In the neighborhood I was
    living, it was not uncommon for contracts to be signed
    and cancelled by the buyer, sometimes two or three
    times for the same lot. I do not know how Beazer's
    accounting considers these contracts in their inventory.

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    • Get a life. My Beazer home is the best home I've ever owned. If you have a problem you should contact the warranty department instead of whining on the internet.

      • 1 Reply to powerf355
      • Just stating the facts. Their warranty department
        and warranty
        claims aren't worth the paper they
        are written on. I feel my
        time is more valuable
        than taking time off from work for "no-show" warranty
        work. The "coordinator" refuses to return phone calls.
        So to make the long story short, it isn't worth my
        time to continually haggle with a company who has no
        intention of standing behind their product once the loan is

        On a side note, as I stated earlier, their floor
        plans are pretty much the best in the area and their
        home locations are good too. They just need quality
        supervisors to monitor work in action and then a warranty
        program to back that up.

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