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  • crucesexpress22 crucesexpress22 Jun 14, 2012 5:01 PM Flag

    What happened?

    Wow! I have been a holder since the ENTERA days. I have even added to position recently. Today my conviction is really tested, a day that we hit an all time low despite the abundance of positive news. This is not adding up at all.

    Today we got:

    1. Pending and imminent announcement of strategic review to unlock value.
    2. Natural Gas Pricing Soars 12%
    3. Oil up 2%
    4. Broad Market Indices have one of their best days of the entire year.
    5. EQU Stock Value, using the most conservative matrices, is significantly undervalued - it should be a screaming arbitrage play at this point.

    This should all equal (no pun intended) to a least a day or EQU is on par with the averages but Noooooo.......instead price does the exact opposite, and tumbles to its all time low.

    I am asking myself: Why would anybody be selling at this point at these prices? I see (2) possible reasons:

    1. "They" are shaking of the tree of weak hands before stock soars.

    2. People in the know, are bailing out now - with knowledge that review is NOT going to yield the results the market wants to hear. Small cap stocks are often a fixed insiders game.

    At this point, the cynic in me is going with reason #2.

    I have drawn my line in the sand. Once the price crosses this line (not too much father to go) I am out. I know buying low and selling high is the name of the game but I don't want be in a situation where I am buying low and selling for nothing.

    Anybody else got a possible reason for hitting new low?


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