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  • mcintoshe21 mcintoshe21 Nov 16, 2012 10:05 AM Flag

    Review conclusion

    I am disappointed that we are no more than 2 weeks away from getting the review conclusion revealing what this company will look like going forward and its share price that continues to drop into the news window. This tells me that there is little chance that the shareholders will get much if any of a positive surprise. Are any here.. private board rejects that may have an objective outlook? The private board supporters seem to keep pushing out the timeline that investors should expect to wait for a reflection of its true value. Time will tell if the management will remain the same or if some changes will make any difference. But how much time? Many have waited for years. I was advocating for a more expedient review process to avoid this anticipated general market turmoil. They announce any positivie changes would be muted by a sharp decline in either the energy or general markets. Any comments.

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      • Well besides the critisism does any one have an opinion on Equals future prospects are? Many were influenced by the detailed value projections but litke many cash flow analysis they obmit many intangible market factors and usually fall way short of reality. Sadly I am long this stock for many years and was hopeful that the recent review would highlight value potential to new investors and thus increase the share price. I recently lost most of that hope just as we should be getting the final review. As they say this dog just won't hunt. The best thing they could do is to lay out all the facts act as transparent as possible and to replace the management with proven industry executives. I would want to make sure that no existing management executive gets away with enhancing his current or future financial situation at the expense of the current share holders.

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