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  • logantrader1960 logantrader1960 Feb 23, 2013 10:38 AM Flag

    New Source Energy Partners

    Some may be wondering why the run-up in the stock price in the past few days. Although it may not be much such as a nickle or so a day it has gained some traction with most days being above the average daily volume.

    So my take on the run-up is a new company that just went IPO around 2/13/2014 and that company is New Source Energy Partners. NSLP is the ticker and their land is right in the heart of the Hunton play. You can do some additional research on their web site, but my take after reading about their strategy is to acquire additional acreage in this area.

    Who knows what they will eventually acquire, but it shows that this area is good enough for an IPO being completely filled and investor interest in this area is rising.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • thanks for the info logan.
      found out what little available on new source and d/n/k the goegraphy of
      goldenlane field and proximity w/ equals acreage in hunton play. maybe someone
      on the private board does...wish nawar and adam could speak-up as
      they were truly spot on in their messages. maybe mr. van weeldon can help.
      something is up someone's (whose?) sleeve.
      still holding my small (19k@3.90) during this painful period.
      p.s. also have DEJ which seems to be a smaller mirror
      image of equal...problems included, 'tho a true penny stock (c $.20)

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      • weelden_one Feb 24, 2013 2:52 AM Flag

        i #$%$ the situation as follows ,firstly there is the dividend of 5 cents which triggers a run up ,what happens on march 2 nd remains to be seen if we see a draw back then that s the reason if not someone is supporting the stock price .secondly klapkos only chance i call it his achilles heel ,if he has one is the stock price ,coming out saying the strategic review is to getreal value for the share holders at 4 dollars and then see the market drop it to 3 dollars is bad busines and he will be kicked our when he cnt get it at least to represent the real value of the company.thirdly lets look at the real value ,i recon between 50 to 75k in the maket with ng prices on there way up if i watched the nes then oklahoma by now is very cold ,not that it matters much but the desparity between european prices and the us make exports very attractive and are leading to a run up in prices .at least thats how the facts are.hence klapko s only survival if he can demonstarte a shareprice commensurate with what the market pays for these assets .he makes a big deal out of water as he calls it its the conduit and we should be very happy,if that conduit just brings wate rthen #$%$ on it when hydrocarbons are attached to it then take joy ,sofar the company has not made an announcement on their recent achievements ,that if a find is demonstrated there is no reason this stock could not fly to at least 7 bucks ,mind me if a low sales price of 50k pernet barrel is calculated you derive at a share price of 10 dollars .adam and nawar always have been very conservative in thier #$%$ments.whats u after march2 ,i think we will see a share buy back by the company ,they cant allow it to drop further ,secondly klapko will ry to save his skin hence he now has a personal interest either to sell the company or get the share price up i dont think he leaves voluntarily.adam and mawar will get back as far as i am concerned canadian rules apply to the case and the sec will withdraw ,at the time of the alleged offense we were still candian ,i see little chance this thing gets further a shame of the money wasted on it .all have a nice sunday

      • This is a snapshot of the NSLP production (below). Makes EQU look better and better each day. With four geologists on board, insiders buying, shedding Canadian directors, 3.5M less in interest payments etc., etc. Things look to be turning around.

        Average net daily production from properties during the nine months ended September 30, 2012, was 3,169 Boe/d, which is comprised of 171 Bbl/d of oil, 6,242 Mcf/d of natural gas and 1,958 Bbl/d of natural gas liquids.