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  • Jan 10, 2012 4:22 PM Flag

    ERBB is going to $6, its inevitable

    MJNA has nothing, CBIS has nothing, CANA has something and looks where its trading. ERBB will become a MMJ starbucks phenom. ERBB is going to $6.

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    • for the stock price to reach $6 with no reverse splits, the company's market cap would have to be 3.4 BILLION. if it traded at 10X earnings that means it would have to pull in 340 MILLION a year.

      youre an idiot

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      • If every state in the union let the party happen as far as legal mj and taxed it.Yes it could go up to maybe 2 without a split. Although a zillion shares out in circulation will need a hefty infusion o f interest and work on the part of government and the states pulling together and getting on the same page.If this doesnt happen soon ,without a lot of selling of old shares, a reverse split may happen. Then everyone holding including myself ( at 0.30) will wish they had. However ,I was never able to figure out when a R/S is in the works..Im still kinda new at this .All I know is dilution of shares or too much buying will make a stock useless unless money starts coming in at both sides. Im keeping my shares regardless .I averaged down to 2 so this will be my (wait and see ) gamble.If any one else has huge money in this,disregard this post.Im not here to change anybodys position,as if I could.This is just my opinion.So, if its a bunch of crap,sorry ,its just how I see it now.

      • pulling in over $300 million doesnt sound far fetched within this industry in my eyes. As far as the reverse split and the other stuff,i dont know what that even means... im a novice trader that started less than a year ago and got into erbb after doing research in the cannibis industry. I see a change coming in this sector and hoping that I was right about this stock. If it hits $6 than i will have an orgasm on the spot. Lets all bust a nut together people. Go ERBB

      • And you're obviously a genius.

    • Dude get a grip, you sound silly

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