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  • i_trade_stock_naked i_trade_stock_naked Aug 22, 2009 10:03 AM Flag

    Prius, IQ and Insight are the top 3 true fuel efficent in Europe

    The true fuel efficent vehicles selected by real European drivers, not by the automaker sayers.

    Number 1 - Toyota Prius
    Number 2 - Toyota IQ (IQ will be offered here in about a year)
    Number 3 - Honda Insight

    Smart Europeans don't fall for 600 miles between fills up, 32 MPG on highway better than CRV, or a giant three row SUV with 20 MPG in the city better than Camry. They drive the real fuel efficent.

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    • BS_the Europeans are alot smarter than us-they keep the japs out

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      • Damn, I lost that article. Let me tell you this: I DON'T MAKE UP THE STORY like kbodie and jeyebolt and I DON'T HYPE, it could hurt my credibility. This is why I should have links with everything I post. A few months back, I said GM could become number 3 automaker by the end of this year and everyone thought I was lying until two days later it hit on GM news right here. No one here believes me since 1999 when I told everyone that GM had too many models too manage and made too many large and ugly vehicles, everyone in here scoffed at me.

        You are dead wrong.

        I have family and friends in Europe and some barely know English or none. Like in the US where there are Corvette club and Mustang club; in Europe, there were Toyota club and Honda club as well as BMW, Porsche club etc.. and the same fans are also Toyota and Honda fans. You cannot find Corvette, Camaro or Mustang clubs there or barely. I don't know there is one, if you know one well then... Believe it or not, the Prius was voted by 22 members of all European nations as car of the year in 2005.

    • Getting worried aren't you? How many boards did you get paid to put this same post on.

      My two GM vehicles both beat the EPA rating on them. Something the Prius missed by 30%.

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      • I am not worried, but annoying by self proclaimed fuel efficent craps from GM which never or rarely got in top 10 fuel efficent lists. Let me say this: why would GM tries to compare itself to Honda and Toyota? Because GM knows that Honda and Toyota are the best. Since every car company want to compare themselves to Toyota and Honda, why go anywhere else when you can buy the already known as the best. Ford, Chrysler, Huyndai, Mazda compare their cars to Toyota.