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    Buicks are designed by the Chinese by the Chinese

    Don't believe me? Go to CNET. CNET said China is not only the place to sell Buick but conceive Buick. Most of the Buicks are designed by the Chinese and American take all the credit.

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    • I've been to China and the full sized Buicks look almost the same as the US ones! The same as the VW Santana or whatever they call it, it was an old version of some junk that was sold here by VW years ago. All the cars over their have badges of BMW, MB, VW, Buick, but are jiont venture cars, sometimes hard to figure out who owns what, and some model remind you of cars we had 5-10 years ago. I think they move the tooling over to China when they get done with a model here.

    • Buicks sold in China are Daewoo models dressed up to look like Buicks.

      It's called Badge Engineering, something GM has been doing here for decades.