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  • weeluen weeluen Sep 8, 2009 1:46 PM Flag

    I own 2 cars...combined Kelly value $5,000

    who cares abt GM... Cash for clunker is a program to stimulate economy. Not to save GM (and/or any domestic auto manuf.) Look at Japan in the 90's, their Gov. did not act swiftly and their economy were flat/bottom foe over 1 decades. Note: Toyota, Honbda, Nissan,....any auto dealer in USA employs Americans! not just domestic car dealer!
    If the program is NOT a success, why did the money run out in days (the first $1Bil).
    The whole programn is to get people to spend money... The multiplying effect of money..... that will eventually create jobs.... car salesman get commission... he goes out to eat to get $$$ more supplies and employs more get the idea.
    Again, the prog,. is NOT abt saving auto industry... Get the money multiplying effect going.... sometime you learn in econ101.

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