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  • jmpinsonn jmpinsonn Sep 10, 2009 11:12 PM Flag

    A full refund? really? BS

    I wonder how many strings are attached to that refund? WOW a new marketing campaign how about some new reliable manufacturing?

    A full refund LOL
    The consumer knows better than to buy into this kind of BS...burned too many times

    Oh who was it that filled all the cash for clunkers sales???NOT GM

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    • <you have made fun of my pawn shops in the past,>

      I was not poking fun-I was giving you a career option

    • Well if i can drive a piece of shit american car for free 3 months i just might take them up on that offer. I'll make sure to rack up about 10 thousand miles on it before I return the POS. I haven't read the details butt they probly charge u for miles....

    • <You're secondary entertainment.>

      I have always thought if the pawn shops did not work out for webbie,he could be a court jester

    • Working at dealership wouldn't interest me whatsoever. You take something that other people have developed, validated, and manufactured. Then you sit back and wait for the manufacturer to advertise it (I've seen many examples of local dealership marketing, pretty lame. Not even Toyota or Honda does it well. In the SE Michigan area we have some idiot named Rockin Rick who screams at you like someone possessed, very annoying). Then you do such a crappy job of selling it that GM has to put incentives on each car to try and give you an advantage over people who really can sell cars.

      Then, just in case somebody stumbles into your dealership, you take their order. What's the fun in that?

      Oh yea, sometimes you have to service a vehicle and rip of the customer and GM doing unnecessary warranty work. Or schedule him for an oil change then tell him you're too busy because there's no money in oil changes and there's no other warranty/recall work you can do...I've observed that one personally.

    • <<Don't you think you have done enough for GM?>>

      I love it when you get mad, you don't take the time to read. I said that I'm not doing ANYTHING with GM. Pay attention.

      <<GM dealers are all dummies and that is why GM went down the toilet.. >>

      At last, something we can agree on.

      <<You know what a consultant is, don't you? That is the guy who does what I do, except he works out of a briefcase and a motel room at least 200 miles away from his home..>>

      I know, I feel a little dirty. A couple of corrections though...I don't do what you do (it would bore me), and I'm living at home except for a little traveling.

      BTW, still waiting for a good suggestion from the sales genius. We're all waiting.

    • "No, change the FACTS. Work from the point of integrity, not deception. I won't even acknowledge GM for my next car purchase until the FACTS have changed. As long as they dream up, design, develop, and manufacture CRAP, they will never be in my car buying orbit. But then, even if they did build the best car in the world, I would be very reluctant to buy due to the presence of the UAW in their organization. I'd prefer not to support or encourage organized crime."
      Say it slowly so this idiot can understand it..
      Let's add to the list of people who WON'T be buying GM in the coming years.
      The common stock holders who got screwed.
      The Bond holders.
      Dealerships that closed down and their employees and friends and families.
      Those Americans who have a hard time with any company getting tax payer welfare
      GM employees blue and white collar who think they got screwed by the layoffs, and re-organizations and early retirements
      Cities and towns where factories were shuttered.
      All those Cadillac owners who are now forced to drive long distances to get their car serviced because their Cadillac dealers are shut down/g
      The vendors creditors who got stuck with bad GM debt.

      Never mind the aggressive stance competition will take with better and more innovative products.

    • "MAllen,

      Wang boy is constantly telling us how he has important stuff to do and yet here he is again not doing it.

      <<<<<Mark LeNeve (can't believe he's still around) is never at the point of sale.>>>>>

      Wang boy: NO SHIT. LeDeceive should be taken out and maimed."
      Easy enough for him to say that... Wanker doesn't or didn't have the balls to say it when he was at GM, now he does it anonynomously on a message board to strangers.
      While I am no fan of Mark, it goes to show you just how inept this guy is. Mark still have his job, wanker doesn't!

    • "I'll say it rrrreeeeaaallll sssslllloooowwwww this time so you get it.

      I'm not working at GM. I'm not working at GM.

      Please respond so I know you get it. Then, go away.
      Bullshit. Now YOU go away..
      Maybe he IS telling the truth Web. Maybe he is not even good enough to work for GM.
      I have seen dozens of these clowns throughout the years.. They know how to run a dealership better than the dealers do. It is nothing more than an envy..

      They can't stomach our successes, they cherish our failures. They are often seen driving in a rental car with unpressed shirts, wrinkled polyester pants and a K-Mart brief case staying in cheap hotels that give you free Continental breakfasts. They pul in looking like a postal worker who just finished his last delivery all beaten wanting to tell US how to do what we should do. If we would only avail ourselves to their services we would be rich beyond our wildest imaginations. We shoo them away, and a few months later they come by this time selling some other idea or gadget.. Yup have seen them all..

      They get the job by telling their employer they have a lot of dealer contacts.. They don't realize we tolerated them while they WERE with the factory. Franchise insurance. Without that clout we wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire. Soon their employer realizes they HAVE NO contacts and they are gone.. Another 1099 is sent at the end of the year for $1200...

    • Never worked for dad to many Idiots in there clean cut suits strutting around thinking they own the world. Dad fired many GMs most tried to steal or goof off. They are very replaceable. Bottom line they are a dime a dozen.

    • "I am working as a consultant at various other companies"
      Of course....A consultant!! How convenient..
      You know what a consultant is, don't you? That is the guy who does what I do, except he works out of a briefcase and a motel room at least 200 miles away from his home..

      Don't you think you have done enough for GM?

      You can be as stubborn as you like.. If the demise of GM and their bankruptcy and their current market share does not help open your eyes, just how WRONG GM handled their affairs in the last 30 year, NOTHING I can say will will help you understand GM didn't go down in the hands of bunch of inept dealers. Many dealers went down in the hands of inept GM management.

      Everyone seems to agree with me, except you. The consumer, the dealers, the vendors, the employees, the market place, the stock market, the media, the administration. GM has been a total phuck up and the results show that!

      You haven't had connection to GM for 2 years.. Big deal. GM has been going down long before that..

      Believe whatever you like, it is your fantasy.. The BMW dealers, The Kia dealers, The Toyota dealers, The Ford dealers, Honda dealers are all brilliant. GM dealers are all dummies and that is why GM went down the toilet..

      Does that even make any sense to you?

      Neither one of our 4 dealerships got effected with GM's cut backs or wind downs.. We must be doing something right.

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