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  • kumust kumust Nov 10, 2009 11:35 AM Flag

    Confessions of a Toyota and Acura owner

    I watch all the new GM commercials and am convinced that NOTHING has changed at GM.

    Stupid commercials saying GM products are better that Toyota and Honda make me laugh. That's like comparing pig slop to Kobe beef.

    It's the same GM all right; crappy products made by UAW slobs all disguised by some of the stupidest and most dishonest marketing the world has ever seen.

    GM management is still in denial. Toyota and Honda are kicking GM's butt because their products are better, they last longer and do the one thing GM has been unable to do, give the consumer their monies worth.

    No more Fed money, no more 'clunk for junk' and no more sympathy. GM sucks, they are up to their old tricks and will eventually slide down the same abyss from which they came and next time, nobody will give a rats ass when those fat, greedy, lazy UAW worms go down.

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    • If we could just get everyone to buy foreign products and nothing made in the USA maybe we could have the Japanese come over and build our houses to and maybe run our farms,hospitals,and utillity companies and we could all just collect unemployment and loose everything we own sounds like a good idea to me.

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      • Did GM hourly workers take an hourly pay cut in there pay check to help the company survive. New employees start at 14 dollars an hour.It seems that GM workers (5 years and up seniority)sold new employees down the river, also retirees will lose vision and optical.

      • russ, when union workers increase the price and reduce the quality 50% of our houses it would open that market up to the japanese ( or anyone else that gives you value for your dollar). Cars are just like steel and tires will be next. the steelworkers destroyed the steel industry and the UAW followed the same recipe. The rubberworkers ( part of the steelworkers now) have also implemented minimum plant employment, high wages and luxury medical, along with petitioning for tariff "protection" against low cost chinese tires that they dont even make a competing product for. Dont blame us for trying to get the best deal we can, most people dont like to deal with extortionists.

    • .....i will never buy another GM product again, i owned GM common, no sense in getting SCREWED twice. Buy a FORD instead.

    • "...nobody will give a rats ass when those fat, greedy, lazy UAW worms go down.

      I will! I plan to watch the New GM IPO, try to catch the peak as the excitement dies down, and short this POS all the way to zero AGAIN! Come on UAW! You can do it. Stand up to evil management. Don't let them make a dime of profit. Just like you trying to do to Ford. Be like GW Bush. "Stay the course." The course straight to the unemployment line.

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