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  • bullrun4uuu bullrun4uuu Dec 19, 2009 12:09 AM Flag


    What in the Hell is wrong with you people...Your FINE with losing your employment to foreign nations.I bet not,but the Government is consistently letting the competition enter with-out the incurred price of our great nation that has endurred in the past 50 years.OH yes our costs are higher per family,but we dont live in a 5 Person HUT with a fire keeping us warm,or a river we get our drinking water from,everyday.We won the WARS...and we wil be a GREAT NATION AGAIN after the presidents elected are fallen because they cannot understand the truth of our GREAT NATION.WE as a nation better get onboard and stand behind our automotive industries before they are swilled by foreign nation competition and our wages reduced by 50% ALL ACROSS THE BOARD,INCLUDING ALL THE VENDORS TO THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY,WAKE UP AMERICA.QUIT COMPLAINING AND USE YOUR UNION TO GET THINGS DONE,YOUR PAYING THEM.IF THEY WONT COMPLY,DUMP THEM,RE-ELECT A NEW UNION WHICH WILL BE COMING SOON.

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    •'re right. Let's just keep throwing money at loser companies like GM instead. Oh wait, they ended up firing ten's of thousands of workers anyways, even with all our money. You can talk all you want about tax revenues, but the simple fact is that the auto industry is completely responsible for where Detroit is right now. I hope you don't live there, because those jobs are never coming back, which means your house price will never go back up. Oops. Perhaps Detroit should have thought of that instead of putting all their eggs/tax dollars in one basket. Pretty simple thinking, but they couldn't even do that. Instead of wasting money on the autos they should have put money into something new. Plow all of Detroit under and build a huge solar plant maybe. At least it would be creating energy instead of crap cars.

    • <Wasting our money on loser companies like GM, while teachers, policemen, firemen, and so on lose their jobs.>

      Your concern for those people in states and cities losing their jobs because of tax revenues being down is touching.Who do you think pays the taxes that provide those jobs?

    • How typical....the United States will fall apart if we let the autos go When will you UAW idiots realize that America doesn't need you, nor do we even WANT you. You guys were saying all that crap months ago before you went bankrupt, that the country would be a disaster if GM and Chrysler went bankrupt! Guess did, and we didn't. We're just fine without you. Please go away. The country is amazingly tired of the UAW.

    • Not just the auto industry-ALL INDUSTRY-While I appreciate your zeal it is time for America to become " a builder of things" again.

    • why should i support the AUTO industry unions? they didn't support the consumer electronic unions/company by buying sony tv, walkman, nikon camera, pioneer stereo,samsung fridge,LG washer....etc....
      if it is ok to let magnovox, rca, jensen,maytag to go under, why not GM, chrysler and Ford! let nature weed out the weak gene...

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      • WEED OUT THE WEAK.The first question,where are you employed? General Motors has never been weak.The problems was outsoursing all the work to cheaper foreign nations for years,NO GIVEN THE THE FACT THE UNION LET THIS GO ONE FOR YEARS, they finally got burned.In the position the Union is in right now after selling out all the members for years it bit them in the Azz.Now as striking the auto-maker is far from a option as they dont care,the Union is Done,and a new one is already being formed,without any notice at this point.Now the facts...50% wage reduction on unskilled wages,now making $14.00/;hr..who can raise a family on that wage? We are going down,the middle class working person is further now b ehind in wages as 2 years ago.My question now if you can answer...IN 1960 a man made $7.00 an hour,bought a $10,000 home for his family.Now 29 years later with inflation on a $100,000 home he would need to make 10 times the wages to afford this home,which would make his hourly wage $70.00 an hour to keep up with inflation,are you making this wage?You are not even working for this wage,thank your Union.Replys Welcomed.Watch out U.A.W. or is is just Government at its best payingthe HOFFA CLAN...