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  • subysti_389 subysti_389 Feb 24, 2010 8:38 PM Flag

    HUMMER: another epic GM phail

    Remember when CEO Ed Whiteacre sacked then-CEO Fritz Henderson for not being able to sell Saab & Opel. Well, I guess he is no better. Should he fire himself now? He is just another loser in the GM world.

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    • Ed is as much what GM needs to compete in the auto business as I am what Penske needs to compete in NASCAR.

      Until they go get a world class CEO, who understands cars, who knows cars, who knows customers, wears designer clothes, who is fashion and fad aware, they will remain a third rate auto manufacturer ran by old men wearing K-Mart suits without a clue what it means to be hip.

      Car business is about being cool and trendy. If they think all the customers want is a reliable safe car to go from one place to another, they will keep manufacturing Cavaliers and Cobalts and Impalas that do all that. However it is obvious, THAT IS NOT ENOUGH.. People want more.