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  • wngr123 wngr123 Aug 16, 2010 7:58 AM Flag

    UAW disregards membership decision? DE-CERTIFY YOUR LOCAL!

    For years, the UAW leadership has filled the heads of the rank and file with unrealistic expectations, in fact, that practice has been a bargaining tactic. Now, when faced with unquestioned reality, the rank and file don't understand that the tactic that has been drilled into them all these years is without foundation.

    The difference is that GM already owned the building and operations so they had a vested interest in keeping it running. The proposed owners don't yet have any skin in the game. Their business plan demands the $15.50 wage package and without it, their purchase makes no sense so they will just walk away.

    Again, the UAW leadership hadn't thought this through and now has a problem they can't solve. It will be their end.