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  • personality_less personality_less Sep 17, 2010 12:30 PM Flag

    Honda CRZ with 3D guage

    <Using spelling to attack me is one of the cheap shot for someone who knows nothing better than elementary school children.>

    HA! Don't take it so hard dude. I would HOPE that you don't want to APPEAR like an elementary school child by simple spelling mistakes but I know that everyone "fat fingers". The more important intent of my reply was that you're pushing a particular honDUH model because of a gee-whiz feature as opposed to how good the vehicle overall is. Like I've indicated, the automotive press thinks none too highly of the CRZ. Go read a little...

    UNLESS, you're pushing the company that provides the gee-whiz stuff to honDUH - is that you're motivation OR are you just easily in awe by bling and pizzaz?

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