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  • shelbytownship shelbytownship Sep 25, 2010 8:34 PM Flag

    A SATURDAY Night GM HISTORY lesson for you FOLKS!!!

    GM has a rich history here in Michigan and here is some interesting facts I found and would like to share them with you tonight.

    1. General Motors was founded in 1908 by William C. Durant. The C stands for "Crapo." Durant founded GM with only $2,000 in capital, his grandfather was the Governor of Michigan. Within just a few years, Durant quickly built GM by buying Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and Oakland (Pontiac).

    2. During World War II, GM led the largest commercial-to-military war production effort in American history. In 1942, the company converted all of their factories to produce $12 billion worth of airplanes, trucks, tanks, guns, and shells for the US military. No other company delivered as much material to the Allied forces.

    3. GM designed and built the first car that went to the moon, the Lunar Rover used for the Apollo 15 mission.

    Should I post this other fact below, what the heck it is Saturday night!!!

    3 Continued. In a true GM moment, however, during the next lunar mission, the rover's rear fender fell off! The astronauts had to make an emergency replacement fender out of maps, duct tape, and clamps.

    Kind of funny!!!

    4. GM is inextricably linked with the birth of the United Auto Workers union. In December 1936, the fledgeling union staged a daring sit-down strike at GM's plant in Flint, Michigan.

    The move caught GM by surpise the president of General Motors, considered his workers to be "among the most pampered in the industry." Indeed, "Generous" Motors' wages here high - about $1,500 per year - but work was hard and dangerous (many workers suffered injuries that could've been easily prevented by wearing gloves ... which weren't supplied by the company).

    About two weeks after thousands of striking workers occupied the factory, Flint police raided the plant, firing tear gas. The strikers inside fought back by opening the fire hoses and hurling two-pound hinges and other auto parts at them. Defeated, the police retreated and the strikers gleefully called the incident "The Battle of Bull's Run" (cops being the 'bulls' that ran away quickly from the plant).

    That's funny "The Battle of Bull's Run" weird picture I have in my head right now!!!

    5. GM had a long history of innovation and technological firsts below:

    •First V-8 Engine (1914, a 70 horsepower engine for the Cadillac)
    •First room air conditioner (remember to thank Frigidaire, then a GM subsidiary, who came up with the brilliant device in 1929)
    •First barrier impact and rollover tests (1934).
    •First concept car, the legendary Buick Y Job in 1938.
    •First fully automatic transmission (the Hydra-Matic in 1939).
    •First to put turn signals as standard-equipments on its cars (1939)
    •First mechanical heart pump (1952, built for Dr. Forest Dodrill by the GM Research Laboratory. The story is fascinating.)
    •First company to make $1 billion a year (in 1955)
    •First hydrogen fuel cell car (the 1966 Electrovan). After the project was scrapped because it was cost prohibitive, GM tried to give the Electrovan to the Smithsonian Institute. They refused the vehicle because they'd never heard of fuel cells before ...
    •First Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) in 1972.
    •First Electronic Fuel Injection (1979)

    So you can see GM has a long history in this country, and especially in Michigan. If you ever toured Greenfield Village, here in Michigan you would understand why the Government bailed them out. Young school kids go thru there, and come out feeling proud about our country and our manufacturing base.

    Ok now post Toyota's history here in the USA please!!!

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    • cobrawolverine Sep 27, 2010 9:30 AM Flag

      'First V-8 Engine (1914, a 70 horsepower engine for the Cadillac)'

      Ummmm, incorrect, do a fact check first.

      And why compare to Toyota? Are you one of those that blame TM for GM's demise.

      Here are some facts. GM self destructed. TM has not (yet that is, they are following GM blueprint to bk though).

      Fact: GM failed as a company. Argue that point!

    • if web is going nuts it will be a short trip

    • Before Web goes nuts, it was owned by Ford Motor at the time.

    • Also made B-24's at GM's Willow Run Plant in Ypsilanti, MI. At the peak, they made 1 B-24 per hour.

    • •First Electronic Fuel Injection (1979)
      My 75 Porsche 914 had electronic fuel injection. I had a 79 Cutlass that had a Carburator.
      I wonder what GM invented in 79?

    • <I know, I look forward to starting my day reading what Shelby had to say.. Unfortunately often I am greeted with with jeyedolt had to say.>

      I didn't create Jeye, sorry. Maybe look eleswhere at yourself or maybe he does really exist you tell me. I don't have a feud with him you do.

      Besides, you are the one that has met him, and went camping with him in Florida. You also state that you met his wife.

      I never met the guy, to me, he is just something in cyberspace, that may or may not exist, you MAllen are the only person that knows this for sure.

      You even stated that you drive thru the campgrounds in Florida from time to time looking for him. Wow MAllen that is something, what a fun that must be. Do you have a blowhorn and call out his name. "JEYE it is MAllen we NEED to TALK" - "Jeye are you out there" - "I'm SORRY".

      I could care less, either way.

    • <now post Toyota's history here in the USA please>

      "I would never consider driving anything other than an American car"

      Harry Trumans reply to toyoda in 1954 when they offered him a position on their board

      Of course we could add currency manipulation,trade barriers,subsidies from their government ,supplied health care, and the outright stealing of inventions,but Harry always had a way with words and we will leave it at that

    • <<PS: I actually once had a GMC salesman tell me, 'You'll find the Envoy is a lot more powerful than the Trailblazer.' I had told him I had been looking at both. So my reply was, "I thought they had the same drivetrains!" And he stumbles back and then says, "Well, I just meant GMCs are known for their power." I couldn't get out of there fast enough. >>

      Now that salesmen is your Internet Buddy.

    • Great post Shelby. Informative! 5stars

      • 1 Reply to crazydaisy8888
      • You rleft off some other GM inventions:

        1.The erlectric self starter.
        2.The first use of air bags on passenger cars. I saw recentrly where Mercedes was crlaiming this, but GM offered air bags as an option in 1974 furll sized moderls.
        3.The catrlyic converter.
        4.Dieserl erlectic hybrids, thanks to the Erlectro Motive locomotive division.
        5.Variabrle Varlve timing on OHV engines.
        6.The use of interchangeabrle parts in the automotive industry.

        Of course in the 20's GM was the rlargest auto company in Japan, they rleft the counrty in the 30's due to the rise of the imperiarlist government. The first Toyota was a copy of a Ford buirlt under rlicense. Toyota rlicensed the GM straight 6 cyrlinder engine for use in trucks and continued to use the engine in the FJ Rand Rloser untirl the 70's.

        Marllen invented BS, he serlls it on the internet and it arlong with working for Webbuie Rlawn Service w/Erlvis the Goat is his sorle source of income.

    • Ok web, good night.

      No hard feelings.

      Thanks for the entertainment.

      Even know you were wrong on most of your points.

      I give you a B- for effort.

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