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  • personality_less personality_less Oct 23, 2010 8:46 AM Flag

    I love America..

    and as a result, I'm voting a straight Republican ticket!

    Throw out the TRASH on voting day!

    P.S. Republicans are getting a lot of help from the Health Care industry too.

    We'll be dancing in the streets on the following morning!

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    • "playby, keep doing what you want to do and ignore the rest of the world. Also try drinking heavily."

      I do ignore the rest of the world. All I know is what I see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and think or imagine. Is that all there is? All I know is mostly what people tell me and they could be making it up. I often discover what is presented as fact is actually HOGWASH!

      No. I can't drink very much. Hangover Hell! And I enjoy experiencing things I can't only experience well sober.

    • I vacillate between trying to live in the world, and forsaking the world for some dreamworld religion>>>
      playby, keep doing what you want to do and ignore the rest of the world. Also try drinking heavily.

    • Actually, jeyebolt is the wise listener, and jeyehawks is the know it all>>>
      But what about the shorts and wall street steeling your stocks?

    • Yes, I love America but I hate MTLQQ's stock...Its suck and go to trash can soon.

    • Actually, jeyebolt is the wise listener, and jeyehawks is the know it all.

    • Web and wngr are good examples of why politics doesn't work. Web and wngr represent the voters.

      Democracy? Forget it! A person who makes sense is someone who thinks like you do. I think democracy is a good idealogy, unfortunately, it doesn't work. No political ideologies work.

      I'm not crazy and irrational; the world (a mirror of myself?) is crazy and irrational.

      I vacillate between trying to live in the world, and forsaking the world for some dreamworld religion.

      No. I'm not on drugs. I'm just desperate. The politicians are not going to save me, my only hope is god.

      I'm trying to find god, does anybody know where it is or what it is? Does god know? I think god may be as desperate as I am.

      If there is any "god" on this board; it must be jeye--he listens more than he speaks. THAT'S WISDOM.

    • Do you ever make a point, or do you just ramble?

      In the movie "Red", there's a character that was fed LSD everyday for 3 years...he sounds just like you.

    • As long as there has been human societies there have been governments.

      Utopians over the centurier have asked, what is the best form of government? How would an ideal society be structured and ruled?

      What do you call a government? An organization which has a constitution, or charter? A social body which has an organized structure and laws? Practically any social orgainziation is a "government": General Motors, Bank of America, the Freemasons, the Catholic church, corporate farms, the Chamber of Commerce, the unions, a private college....

      I don't see the point of singling out the US government and wanting to prevent the US government from doing or making anything. The US military could build cars, buildings, airplanes, communication systems...yet so many people say the US government should do nothing or very little. Why? You have to pay somebody to do and make stuff, why not the US government?

      My social ideology has always been democratic socialism. I would rather have people elect the people who run the society, than have the people who run a society elect themselves.

      True, a government should not be totalitarian and eliminate any competing "private" governments,

      Governments are not going to disappear from the world. The question is: do people want to elect the people who run the industries and institutions or just let the people who run the institutions elect themselves?

      Well, Okay, democracy doesn't work. I'm a dreamer.

      The sad truth is when it comes to politics and governments, nothing works, not very well. It never has.

      Everybody wants to go in a different direction. People are more cometitive, than cooperative; more argumentive than agreeable; more jealous than supportive. Some people don't want to work and want something for nothing, and others want to exploit others and become masters of slaves.

      But social anarchy is disaster. People need laws to protect themselves from liars, and thieves, and murderers, and slave traders. We need laws to protect human rights. I think we need a GOOD and strong government. Without government, laws and law enforcement, you end up with barbaric chaos.

    • <<<"Were the regulations removed or ignored? I don't think the laws were changed, that would require legislative action. The laws were just ignored and not enforced.">>>

      Are you ever right?

      Thanks to lobbyists influence they were changed and/or removed
      Okay. You are correct. Some financial reform legislation was passed a year or so ago. And I admit I haven't read what laws were repealed or replaced, if any, by the legislation.

      However, new laws are NOT retroactive. If it was illegal for the Wall Street professionals to lie and steal in 2008, then you can't pass a NEW LAW in 2009 saying it is LEGAL for the Wall Street professionals to lie and steal. The new law would apply AFTER the new law is passed (2010), NOT BEFORE the new law(2008).

      However, as far as I know it is still illegal for Wall Street and others to lie and steal. The problem is the laws are enforced selectiviely. Some people may be prosecuted for lying or keeping secret trading information, which is similar to lying, and for stealing, and others may not be even accused of lying and stealing, or inside trading, or fraudulent corporate elections, or fraud, or conspiracy, or what ever other crimes Wall Street commits.

      Usually Wall Street finds a media scapegoat like Ken Lay or Bernie Ebbers and say the scapegoat stole the money and hid it.

      Listen, don't take the Wall Street fat cats and the politicians seriously, learn to laugh at the absurdity and fiasco. They are media comedians. Yes. The humor is inside and abscure, but they are funny people nevertheless. Every joke is a misfortune.

      Wall Steet has a magic act: now you see the money, now you don't.

    • Webby and others,

      I wonder if politicians and Washington in general will ever suggest that it's time to "baseline" government workers, programs, services, etc. to only the CORE of what is necessary by the Constitution. This draconian effort is currently underway by the Detroit Public Schools and is going to be wildly successful when complete. I'm hoping that effort will be duplicated by other school districts that are in trouble, followed by local municipalities, cities, counties and finally to the State level. Once complete, that way of thinking can only push our Federal Government to re-think their purpose. The success at the state level will create immense political pressure to fix it nationally. Corporations (especially those that are forced into bankruptcy or those going thru tough times) and smaller business do it. It's natural. It's a way to kill the lifetime politician mentality too that has created the monster that is our state and federal governments.

      Your thoughts?

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