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  • personality_less personality_less Dec 2, 2010 7:29 AM Flag

    Regarding GM's November sales in China...

    SHANGHAI (AP) -- General Motors Co. says its sales in China climbed 11 percent in November from a year earlier, on strong demand for its Buick and Chevrolet models.

    GM said Thursday that the 196,990 vehicles sold by GM and its ventures in China set a monthly record, as the company's 2010 sales in the world's biggest vehicle market shot past the 2 million mark.

    GM's China sales rose 32.7 percent in January-November, a bit lower than the overall growth in China's passenger car sales so far this year.

    Are there any OEMs in China that are even CLOSE to GM's 196,990?

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    • Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac are numero uno in China!

      It's a great example of US manufacturing might in Asia. It is also a good example of collaboration between a US (GM) and Chinese company (SAIC)

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      • Hardly a day goes by I don't sit here in awe of YOUR understanding of Chinese auto market and GM's world wide resurgence?

        Didn't GM go bankrupt once with ALL the success they were having in China? May I remind you once again Chinese will be selling their cars here soon!

        at 40 percent increase over last year, against GM's 11 percent improvement it will not take as long as you think before Ford not only matches but exceeds GM's sales in China as well as her in US.

        It would be a worthwhile exercise for you to take a few minutes off from your busy schedule of posting and read up on COMPOUNT interest (percentages) and TRENDS!

        I will take 40 percent Year over year against 11 percent Year over Year even if the starting figures were 200,000 versus 50,000.

        Take a paper and pencil and do it. It is simple math! Even YOU could do it.. Maybe it will help you open your eyes!

    • For the MORONS who think that GM's sales aren't significant in China and who think that Ford is doing great in China:

      GM = 196K units
      F = 57K units

      BIG difference.

      The losers then say "But GM's sales percentage gain is less than Ford's".

      Do a little math and figure out how many YEARS it will take for Ford to even be close to GM. Oh, and you can't assume continued constant or growing sales % increases because that's not how it works.

      Make your little math exercise assume say 10% growth and GM's only 5% growth and see how long it takes...

      BOTTOM LINE: GM is making a freighter load of cash in China and it will continue for a LONG time!

    • 196,000 in a country of not as big a deal as you might think. While it gives GM a boost in sales it also helps Chinese learn the auto business to the point where they won't need GM in the future.
      Chinese will get their reward ten fold for every Buick sold over there when they bring their goods here.
      If you think the people who are shipping us 70 percent of all our imported goods will be content in NOT seeing us cars you are mistaken.

      You will see the day Chinese have joined the Japanese, Italians, Koreans, Germans in chipping away at GM's market share right here on GM's home turf..

      Evertime I see you guys celebrating GM's China success, I can't hep but say FOOLS!!