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  • webuchadnezzar_reva webuchadnezzar_reva Dec 5, 2010 3:36 AM Flag

    What will Happen to our shares?

    <<<The company gets the money for the IPO.>>>

    Usually that is what happens. Not here. What was happening here was, the US government was selling some of their equity. So were the Canadian government and the UAW.

    That cash does NOT go to GM. These guys owe money all over town.

    As a side note, GM was offering some preferred stock, although very little compared to the amount of the common.


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    • "What was happening here was, the US government was selling some of their equity. So were the Canadian government and the UAW."

      I am a skeptic. The US government purchased NO EQUITY in any car manufacturing company. THAT is Wall Street media MISinformation.

      The US taxpayers guaranteed the Fredie Mac and Fannie Mae loans to the bank.How? My guess is the secret deal was the US government was the short seller for the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans. The US sold borrowed FM bonds to the public and the banks. The Wall Street flimflammers bought back the bonds cheap from their clients, the public investors, and then the banks and Wall Street campaign contributors cashed them in at the bank for a high price. The US government paid the full value of the bonds or MORE because the US government borrowed the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae bonds and sold them and DID NOT buy them back, until the banks later charged the US government a HIGH price to buy back the bonds they borrowed.

      Of course the deal was top secret.

      I suspect a similar deal was arranged by the Wall Street swindlers and the US politicians. The US government would borrow GM stocks from the bank and sell the borrowed stocks in an IPO. The banks bought some and will not sell them back to the US government EXCEPT at a high value. Therefore, the public investors must eventually sell back cheap the borrowed stocks they purchased at a high price, in order for the Wall Street short sellers to buy back their borrowed shorted shares cheap and cash them in at the bank for big money.

      The swindling scheme may take years and year to pull off. They will sell the GM stocks to the public at a high price and slowly up and down work it down in market price and buy it back cheap and make a bundle short selling. The US government is the patsy. The US government will BORROW the phoney GM stocks and sell them and NOT buy them back cheap. Instead, the US government will pay the Wall Street fundraisers a high price to REpurchase the borrowed GM stocks.

      Of course, it is a top secret deal. The Wall Street firms will deny knowing anything about it. The politicians know nothing about the big top secret deal. The regulators know nothing about the secret deal. The federal reserve chairman knows NOTHING about any secret banking deal.

      All they know is the bad guys must be bombed and murdered.

    • Right! It is Wrong!

      The corporation sells some company stocks to the banks and get some money from the banks. The banks LEND the stocks (over and over) to the Wall Street underwriters who post collateral that the stocks will be REPURCHASED. The underwriters (or undertakers, if you prefer) are the first short sellers. The underwriters LEND the borrowed stocks to their salepeople who sell the borrowed stocks to the public.

      And the bank also buys some of the "IPO" to guarantee the value of their loan to the issuing corporation. The short sellers will have to pay a high price to the bank to buy back the stocks from the bank, therefore the underwriters, short sellers, must buy back the borrowed stocks dirt cheap in order to make a profit short selling, selling the stocks at a high price and buying them back at a low price.

      With the international underwriters borrowing everything from land deeds to securities to art work and reselling it and the banks lending out the borrowed property and buying some of it, BIG BIG money is involved--enough money to wage a war if necessary to STEAL back the property that was borrowed and resold.

      Mr. Big Short borrows a little piece of land from Mr. Big Banks (who probably borrowed it from the US PRIVATELY OWNED BANK) and sells the borrowed piece of land to you for cash. Mr. Big Short offers you LESS than you paid for you little plot of land. You refuse to sell. Now you have given Mr. Big Short and Mr. Big Banks and Mr. Big Private US Bank NO CHOICE. They must KILL YOU! Then, they can steal back the borrowed land they sold you.

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