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  • faackanders2 Dec 21, 2010 7:16 PM Flag

    This Message Board Deserves It's Own Reality TV Show!!

    Put them on Springer.
    How I loaded up on pink sheet "Motors Liquidation (old GM)" stock and lost everything! Never mind the government, GM, financial analysts have been saying this is worthless for a year; I kept buying till they took it off the market.

    Maybe then they will take pink sheet stock off the market sooner, when bankruptcy is finalized (so innocent ignorant people can't be screwd/tricked into buying something totally worthless!

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    • The govt should follow the BK code and not cancel MTLQQ until the BK is all sorted out, but short of canceling it, what about having them just halt it once a week or so, to make the point that it's garbage?

      Not sure that is the right thing to do either. It's more govt interference in the markets, and we do NOT need that. Just sort of thinking out loud here.