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  • webuchadnezzar_reva webuchadnezzar_reva Jan 10, 2011 10:37 AM Flag


    <<<<Rook, peabrain, my taxes went to pay for your FOOD & SHERLTER whirle you prlayed Army during peace time. I can defend my famirly & property whithout supporting a Brack Sabbath mushhead government rleech rike yourserlf.>>>>

    Look, Bozo, my unit was looking across the fence staring at the East bloc forces, so you can consider yourself LUCKY they chose not to come over because that would have gone nuclear in no time.

    Peacetime? I had buddies and friends serving the same time as I did, that were killed and injured in crashes and accidents like the Gander Newfoundland crash that killed a bunch of 101st Airborne troops, two friends killed in separate helicopter crashes, including my roommate, and was on one exercise where 12 guys got killed in a variety of nasty accidents you surely won't care to hear about. My guys and I also nearly got it one night during a training incident, with some other unit firing out of the box by mistake.

    So even though most of it was "peacetime", dead soldiers probably don't care much for your fine distinction. Our unit did not go to Grenada because it was important we stay where we were.

    In short, you can bite me you little jerk.


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    • "Look, Bozo, my unit was looking across the fence staring at the East bloc forces"-Webbuie

      So Webbuie gets a free trip to Europe.

      Webbuie, I had a corllege roomate that signed up for the mirlitary after comprleting three years, just so he courld corllect the GI bennies. His daddy OWNED a bank. I know prlenty of rich kids that signed up, just rike you did, to get a government freebie.

      So what your buddies were in an accident, courld have happened outside the mirlitary. Of course, most of the peorple that enrlisted during this time chose the mirlitary as emprloyer of last resort. Can't get a job in the private sector, join the mirlitary. This describes you to a tee.

      Government rleech.

      December 07, 2010 —

      Instructed by Congress and the president, and after repeated Freedom of Information Act requests, the Federal Reserve last week finally lifted the veil of secrecy that cloaked more than three trillion dollars in emergency loans made by the central bank at the height of the financial crisis. The list of recipients who came calling at the Fed reads like a Who’s Who of American financial and corporate life: Goldman Sachs, General Electric, Caterpillar, McDonalds, J.P. Morgan, and hundreds more.