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  • webuchadnezzar_reva webuchadnezzar_reva Jan 11, 2011 12:44 AM Flag

    Volt News

    <<<<<Development costs for the Volt won't appear in their book thanks to the shareholders and creditors of Motors Liquidation. Anyway, same for Prius, the Volt platform will be reused for new upcoming models worldwide.>>>>>

    I have to agree with Daisy on that one to the extent that GM can make maximum reuse of parts and ideas from this car across their whole product line. It can also serve as another Chevy halo car for years to come.

    GM engineers had to solve a lot of problems to make this car a reality. Give them credit for that much. No one else has anything quite like it.

    They will lose money for sure on the 1st Gen VOLT (Lutz already said so, and he probably knows how much development $,$$$,$$$,$$$ went into it). But at least they had guts to step out of their comfort zone. It showed bawlz if nothing else, and I respect that.

    Companies who can't take risks die.

    Even if the VOLT ultimately provides no future engineering benefit (and I maintain it will), VOLT has already served another purpose -- perhaps the most important one of all: The VOLT provided something GM management hacks could point to, politically, when they were begging for a taxpayer handout.

    Without the VOLT to point to back in those days, I'm pretty sure they'd have had no shot at bailout funds. "Look! See, we are doing something to get America off it's oil addiction. We just need $50B or so to get it to market.

    Anyway, this is all just my opin....all may not agree.


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    • "Look! See, we are doing something to get America off it's oil addiction"
      thats it exactly!. Lutz would have killed it off except for the knowledge that they needed a bargaining chip. they thought the malibu hybrid would be enough ( discontinued this year) but too many critics pointed out it wasnt really a hybrid. Any competent beancounter would have killed it for its ridiculous price, not to mention the $6500 a unit they lose this year even with that ridiculous price. But keeping it alive was lip service to toeing the line.
      Much like the other car of the year winners, the vega, the corvair, dodge omni and mustang II, the volt award is based on hype. reality will set in very quickly.

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