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  • jeyebolt2003 Feb 19, 2011 10:34 AM Flag

    Cruze the new class leader


    Curtis Michigan: Winter testing in Michigan's upper peninsula during the harsh winter revealed many positive things about the new Chevy. After a friendly neighbor boosted the Cruze we were on our way but once we encountered some snow and icy conditions the Cruze easily drove into the ditch requiring a tow truck. The body damage was minimal which is all to GM's great engineering.

    The heater quit halfway into our road test but the salesman with us shared his half gallon of bourbon with us to keep us warm.

    After 200 miles the engine light as well as the low fuel warning light came on. The salesman said the engine wasn't broken in yet explaining the low fuel and he put a piece of black tape on the engine light and said "just to forget about it". So we did.

    I noticed the large well placed armrest/storage compartment had a couple of roaches left by the UAW artisans who built this nice car so we sparked them up and were amazed how potent the pot was and complimented the UAW workers for having such fine taste for quality drugs.

    Once we returned to the dealer we took the car immediately to the service bay to have the mechanic look at the overheating engine. The manager took us into his office for a few drinks and to thank us for test driving the Cruze.

    All I can say is GM hit a home run with this car. The new Cruze will employ thousands of Americans supplying parts and service to keep it on the road.

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