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  • megafundmgr megafundmgr Nov 4, 2009 11:55 AM Flag

    Once again, Cramer Effect - Combine with imbeciles who


    are willing to follow any Tom DICK or Harry that posts an article on "Seeking Alpha". When will the marching morons wake up and realize that SA is MORE of a tool in most instances than (even) the leading press?

    SEEKING ALPHA has taken on characteristics of the very press it sought to counterbalance. In the end, it has taken on even a worse shill characteristics than the entities it intends to illuminate with the voice of diversity. But therein lies the rub; It in no way endorses or even attempts to QUALIFY the authors of the articles "posted" to it. In fact, it might as well be the Yahoo message boards.
    Today, in a somewhat glib article trashing HIG's "real" earnings, it was suggested that the company has not in fact turned a corner in that it's losses had not yet been fully realized. Using the lame nomenclature; "everything is catching a bid these days", author "RAY" summarizes that the company MUST fully incorporate losses immediatly and all at once, or it has no profit -period. FINE, RAY, but let's take off those feces colored glasses for a moment; if one applies your accounting rules to ALL insurers, then suffice it to say that the entire lot of them should be trading in the pennies. PRU, MET, and the list goes on. To assume that they are each and everyone, just altered versions of AIG is sheer folly. Mr. "RAY", you should be ashamed of yourself for misleading the public so badly.

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