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  • carolyn_novice carolyn_novice Jun 26, 2013 9:40 PM Flag

    Message Board Students and Novice HIG @ 29.99

    I am a freshman market student, still reading books and will like to share my experience, we can learn together.

    I will be back in HIG after September 2013, and I expect stock to form a base at lower price.

    I am not an investor but a trader and timing is very important. I feel most of you are loading stocks at a wrong time. We can still get a powerful rally, but chances are it will fizzle. New High in the market will not give 850 new high this year.

    My feeling is the market is topping here, AAPL may make a new low soon, and it was a market leader. Gold is giving margin calls.

    1. PHLX Housing Sector (^HGX) =177.29 is below 200 days line. Which is now giving bearish signal
    2. Insurance group often follows housing the leader group.
    3. Today, New Highs = 80 , New Lows = 160
    4. A month ago New High were nearly 850
    5. Market seems to be topping or very serious correction after big run up.
    6. Interest rate chart federal reserve, for more clues

    Google Search these two books and read while you get ready for big adventure

    1. America’s Great Depression By Murray Newton Rothbard……down load
    2. The ABC of stock speculation By Samuel Armstrong Nelson…Google books, you should read it is free.

    A good site “Street Smart Report” Investors get good lesson.

    Good Luck and be careful.


    Carolyn Novice

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    • bobkochnowicz Jun 26, 2013 10:15 PM Flag

      Better yet dont wait until September.Buy the pull backs of 3% and resell when it bounces back.Street loves this stock and buys sell offs.Thanks for the offer of help.


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      • Yesterday and today the volume was very heavy, but stock was unable to remain near the high. There was also lot of option activity. There was someone, who knew the news before today.

        Stock opened with a gap at $30.53 and in half hour it reached $30.80, volume was heavy but the block activity and bids were small. Question is who supplied, what was known.

        I only trade stocks when I feel comfortable, stock has a nice base and the volume is increasing without any news. Someone is collecting before the news, just the opposite of today.

        If I owned this, I will be out today after the opening trend.

        I am trader and not an investor, and I am still learning to improve my batting average.

        Good Luck!

        Carolyn Novice

    • you can read all the books you want and listen to all the useless lecturers that have never made a living in the market but only spouting at a school. The old say there are those that do and those that teach. You expect us to listen to a freshman in marketing from some school that is the best laugh I have heard on these boards, boy did you just shoot yourself in the foot. You want to tell us with your 5 cents how to manage our millions. WOW that is arrogant. You need a few whippings to get that out of you if possible. in your generation.

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