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  • cantgthrtondirt cantgthrtondirt Feb 5, 2006 11:50 AM Flag

    Bush to ask for Hfuelcell funding

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    • In the article it says that "There is a lack of substitute for Platinum"
      What the hell are they talking about? How about Palladium?

    • We might get a boost from the hollow rhetoric but, honestly, Bush and the legislative branch Republicans are not going to spend much money subsidizing new technologies. It is against their own world-view. As far as Bush is concerned, when oil prices rise to unacceptable levels, market forces will necessitate the development of fuel cell technology and infrastructure. It actually will cost a lot of money and is still not as economically feasible as sticking with oil. Just because it is the smart thing to do doesn't make it the cheapest thing to do. And these guys could not give a crap about the environment. The geopolitical unrest and wars are making them fortunes (yes Cheney still owns a lot of HAL stock).

      I am not accusing them of being completely machiavellian. I don't really think that highly of their intellects. But what I am sure of is that they will not waste anything more than a token amount of money on this issue. We are going to have to wait until shit literally hits the fan before their is massive spending on changing our transportation and energy infrastructure.

      Has anybody really pondered the depth to which transportation and energy infrastructures pervaid our society? Oil is in everything. It takes oil to manufacture most materials now. Even a wooden table must be manufactured with powered tools and transported to their end markets. To fix this, we will need to change so many things --- including how everyone of us live our daily lives. And that is the biggest problem. Expecting our government to just fix it will not work. We have to be willing to work towards it and spend more of our own money (not just our tax money).

      Hopefuly, the next adminstration and Congress will be more open to heavy subsidies into needed change. But until then, use this to your advantage. You have at least 1-2 years to hord metal and figure out a game plan for when oil gets too expensive for people to drive their kids to school or crocers to transport fod to local markets.