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  • spectra64 spectra64 Jan 18, 2008 8:34 AM Flag

    With Paladium near 5 year high...?

    IS this a cause for concern? Could the run be over and see a huge drop in the near future.. If so why or why not...?

    Pal look like a great buy, understand stock has been hit hard... but does base material sector still have legs...

    The jewelery things in China makes sense... but this run up in price is a concern possible...

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    • Palladium price has yet to break the high of May 11, 2006. But it will pretty soon.

      Two of the many very bullish factor for palladium:

      1.It now looks like Russia failed to deliver their annual palladium stockpile sale to Switzerland, in the month of December, 2007. This pronouces the end of the 2 million ounces annual palladium stockpile sale. Without this extra supply, palladium is now in a serious tructural supply DEFICIT. A deficit way much worse than platinum.

      2.Year 2008 is a huge Chinese wedding year, because the number 2008 is a good number and it's China's Olympic year. Most wedding couples will want a diamond ring. People who still coul not afford a platinum diamond ring will opt for a palladium diamond ring. That is a huge demand.

      Load PAL here as much as possible, you will not be disappointed in a few months.