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  • spectra64 spectra64 Apr 8, 2008 6:28 AM Flag

    Here it is. FLAT OUT LIES exposed!


    You shorted PAl not to long ago and probably did OK... But you are very mistaken to think that the POWER SITUATION is not the primary catalyst in the short term to drive this stock.

    The situation is very bleak there. If the miners get shut down again and that is IF you can expect a huge run up in PAL and other miners, just like prior. Everyone that has held this stock knows it. This is the reason why everyone is watching the power so closely. ESKOM is struggling and the probablity of another FORCE MAJEURE being invoked is very high.

    Your point to FOMC, Euro Central Bank, and Zimbawe politics are relevant but more long term in nature.

    For whatever reason you simply do not believe or understand the power situation in S.A. and how dire it realy is and the impact it will have if worsens...

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    • No, I am short SWC. Was long PAL, yesterday shorted PAL.

      I fully understand South Africa electric power problems and how that affects PGM, SWC, PAL.

      I do not consider a failed ATM machine in South Africa important to the price of PAL. Nor a bleeding heart story about a heart transplant gone amiss in South Africa being relevant to PAL.

      Looking to cover my PAL short and go long PAL again. Also looking to short more SWC if price goes high enough. Nothing wrong with shorting a stock. I buy and sell or sell and buy. You do the same. Big deal. We are due for another short squeeze story from you guys, as if that scares anyone.

      Do not get pissed at me because I know how to profit from the shock posts that you guys make. When I post, it is relevant, regardless of my position. I am here looking for information that helps my trades and thank others when they post that information.