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  • seasonedspec seasonedspec May 13, 2008 8:46 PM Flag

    I am upset that PAL went up as much as $0.97 today!


    I know that you think very highly of PAL and of it's growth potential. I like it also. But IMO diversification is generally a more prudent approach than going for broke in a single stock or even in a single market sector. I know that you must realize that there have been scores of other stocks that have risen several hundred percent in the past 12 months. Although PAL has performed well today, it's 12 month performance history has not been anything to get very excited about. As you continue to load up on PAL, just bear in mind that it's future path may not be straight up, day after day. This stock is thinly traded and therefore can be easily manipulated as we have witnessed in the past. I suggest that you not urge others to load up without considering the volatility of PAL and the possiblity of sharp selloffs in the future. SS